For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


36. Part 36

Part 36

As soon as I get in I can hear voices coming from the living room. Then suddenly they’re all shouting at each other, and it sounds exactly like when Michael is playing PS4 with his friends.
We follow the loud voices into the living room, and just as I had guessed, they’re playing PS4.
I can’t help but smile, they seem to have fun. When they all see me they look kinda shocked, but that impression quickly fades and turns back to their focused faces.
But I can’t help but notice that Justin’s missing. They’re all here, but not him. Why?
- “Guys, remember Alli here?” he asks them and they all say hi to me.
- “Hi guys” I nervously says and giggles. “Sorry, I can’t remember your names” I honestly says, and they all laugh.
- “No shit, I don’t think we ever told you” one of the guys from the couch speaks, and they all laugh again. I can’t help but laugh too.
- “Alright, so I’m Brandon” the guy beside me starts, and then points at the guys on the couch, playing GTA I’m guessing. “That’s Mark and Paul” and then he points at the older guy “and that’s Bruce”. Bruce sends me a warm smile, and I smile back.
- “So why are you here? You couldn’t possibly know we have our usual game night tonight, huh?” Brandon chuckles and winks at me, and his mood is contagious.
- “No, I’m just…” I hesitate a bit, before continuing “is Justin here?” I ask, and that question for some reason makes all the guys look at me. Even the Mark and Paul playing on the PS4.
None of them are saying anything, and the way they look at each other gives me a sense that they don’t feel like telling me. But then Brandon breaks the silence.
- “Do you have an appointment with him right now or?” he asks and I raise an eyebrow. Huh?
- “Do I have to?” I carefully ask and look at him, confused. He looks at Bruce.
- “He’s upstairs” Bruce then says, and I can’t see on Brandon’s face whether he wanted Bruce to tell me or not. But I decide to act like nothing and smiles.
- “Thanks Bruce” I say, and starts heading up the stairs. I can feel all of their eyes on my back, and I can’t figure out why. Is he keeping a dead body in his room or what, since they didn’t seem excited to let me up here? I get up the stairs but then I realize I don’t remember which room is his. Great.
I walk slowly and carefully through the hall, trying desperately to remember, but without succeed.
But then a certain kind of noise makes me stop immediately, and I know exactly what kind of sound that is. My heart drops to the floor, and I feel like all my blood is leaving my face. My entire body.
I want to tell myself that it’s just something I’m imagining, but I know it’s not.
Moans and exhausted breaths are coming from what I now assume is Justin’s room.
- “Fuck yes, that’s so good! Give it to me!” a female voice suddenly screams from the room, and that’s when I’ve had enough. I turn around and rush down the stairs. Now I know what they all meant. They knew Justin was up there doing this disgusting thing with whoever that girl is.
As soon as I the guys sees me, Brandon walks towards me, and they know what I just heard.
- “Alli, don’t wor-“ “I didn’t know he was in the middle of… something” I just say, trying my hardest to hide every possible feeling, but I’m failing big time, I know for sure.
Brandon doesn’t say anything, but just watches as I walk to the door.
- “Tell him I went by… and that I want to apologize” I say before heading straight out to my car.
I walk fast, almost run to my car and quickly rushes out onto the road and away from that house.
And then I just let the tears run free. I should’ve known this. How can I be so surprised?
No, it’s not that I’m surprised. I’m really not, but something inside of me just trusted him enough to think he wouldn’t do that to me. I mean come on, he’s not fucking blind! He knows I like him!
Or doesn’t he? Well fuck him, I don’t care! I don’t even care about him right now! Not anymore!
And before I’ve realized it I’m knocking on Lea’s door. Luckily she’s got her own apartment, and we’ve been thinking about me moving in lately.
- “Alli?” she asks as she opens the door, clearly surprised to see me. And then she notices my face expression, and her face turns from surprise to sadness.
- “Hey, what’s wrong? Alli?” she asks, and then I burst out into tears. She pulls me inside and holds me into a big tight hug, and this time I hug back, even tighter.
For a few minutes we just stand there, me crying hysterically, her rubbing my back without saying anything, just letting me come out with all my sadness.
- “Speak to me, Alli” she then suddenly says, still rubbing my back, and I try to pull myself together to be able to even say anything. But all I can let out is his name.
- “Justin” I just cry, and then she sighs.
- “Oh baby, what have he done now?” she asks, and I pull out of the hug and looks at her.
She looks back as she brushes away my tears and running mascara. I try to stop crying.
We walk to the couch and I tell her everything that just happened.

- “What a fucking dick! Oh my god” Lea burst out.
I’ve stopped crying; now only sobbing, as I look down at my hands.
- “I don’t feel like going to that party tonight” I say and Leah turns her eyes on me.
- “Hey, don’t do that! Nuh uh! That’s clearly what he wants, so don’t give it to him!” she quickly answers and I frown. What does she mean by that?
- “What do you mean with that?” I ask and watch her as she takes a sip of the red wine she poured up for us while I told her what happened.
- “What I mean?” she asks and looks at me, then continues “he first leaves you like that at the school, humiliating you in front of the whole school, and then he bangs another girl, humiliating you in front of his friends! He obviously wants you to be sad and hurt, and if you don’t show up at that party, showing him that you don’t give a shit, he wins again! See that?” she asks, and I nod carefully. She’s right. I can’t show him how weak I am. He can’t just play me off like that, thinking I’m just another toy. No way.
- “So you’re going right?” she asks, waiting desperately for my answer.
- “Yea…” I say carefully. “Yea, I am.”
Bring it on, Bieber. 

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