For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


31. Part 31

Part 31
It's been a week and Justin still hasn't been to school. I'm starting to worry. What have happened? I've tried to call him several times but he doesnt pick up his phone. Maybe he lost it somewhere, I don't know. I don't even know why I bother so much, we're not even "friends". I know so little about him, and I have a feeling he's not telling me the whole truth of who he is, and I wonder if he's ever going to. He seems so hard to get to... Like, to get under that thick layer of skin, and all the way into his bones; his true self... Yet he's so nice and seems really outgoing and all... It's confusing... He's mysterious... And with my stupid curiousity that's not exactly a good combination, actually I would even dare to say the quite opposite. He has already put me into danger, and I have a feeling that's going to happen again if I keep being around him. And maybe that's what he feels too. Maybe that's why he told me to stay away from him. Not because he doesn't like me, but simply for my very own safety. I have never thought about it that way before now.

- "Are you done daydreaming, or am I really going to make this assignment by myself" Lea drags me back to reality, and as I look at her, she lifts an eyebrow, watching me. How long has she sit there, just staring at me? I frown by the thought.

- "Sorry, I was just thinking about something" I answer and looks down at the assignment. I didnt even notice our teaching handing it to us.

- "Or rather someone" Lea quickly adds, and a teasing smile shows upon her face, still watching me. Gosh here we go again. I roll my eyes, and she giggles. We then both turns our attention towards the assignment, and as we work us through it, I can't stop thinking of what Justin might be doing at this very moment.


"Yeah, very funny" I say in a sarcastic voice as my phone shows up in the mailbox, and I can hear the guys laughing their asses off from the doorstep.

"Seriously" Mark says as he steps outside, walking towards me "you wouldnt have found it if I didnt give you all those damn clues. Am I right?" They all start laughing again, and I roll my eyes as I grab my phone. It's on silence, surprise. I start walking back towards the house and as Mark reaches me I push him away, almost making him fall. They're still laughing, and I can't help but chuckle a little. These guys are fucked up, seriously. I unluck my phone screen and then I see Alli's face on the screen. She has been calling me 11 times, and sent me 2 text messages. A smile shows on my face. She must be thinking I'm dead or something. I stop before I get inside the house, and then I open the messages:


"Hi, sorry for bothering you again, but you sure you're okay? You haven't been to school for 3 days now. - Alli"


"I hope you're okay - Alli"


The smile on my face turns bigger.

"Have you gotten a message by Santa Claus or what?" Bruce says as he walks to me "that smile on your face makes you look like a 5 year old" he taps my shoulder and chuckles. I just keep smiling.

- "No, not Santa" I answer and turns away towards the house, then starts walking "someone even better."

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