For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


29. Part 29

Part 29

Justin drove me home.
I knew I couldn’t let my car stay at their house, but he insisted on driving me home, telling me that; ”with my condition I wasn’t able to drive myself, so he had to”. Oh well, I guess he was right, but I couldn’t really figure out whether that was his true reason, or if it was just an excuse to have half an hour more in my company. I don’t know, he’s really confusing, and I can’t figure out about him and Layla. Are they still friends or not? Or is she just that stupid irritating ex-girlfriend who won’t leave him alone? I don’t even know why it bothers so much; it doesn’t really concern me anyway.
But there was something else. Something about him. The time he drove me home he just seemed so… distant. Like something was bothering him as well. He barely spoke, and when he did he seemed really careless. It was weird… and awkward too, really.
I’m sitting on my bed, considering whether I should call Lea or not. Should I tell her what happened? I haven’t talked to her since school. And she’s texted me several times and called 3 times. I look at my phone at the table as I fumble with my thumbs.
She’s going to blame herself, I know that. And actually it was her fault, in some way.
If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have followed Justin to his house and then I wouldn’t have been shot.
But at the same time I wouldn’t know anything about him. Now I at least know where he lives, and that he doesn’t live alone. It’s like a… gang, or something. Are they a gang? Hmmm.
I grab my phone and find her number. Her face shows up on the screen as the phone starts calling.
At this moment I feel nervous. I feel like the worst best friend ever, I mean, who would call their best friend and blame them for something like this that might actually be my own fault?
Just as I’m about to cancel the phone call, I hear Lea’s voice.
“Alli?” she asks, and she sounds as if she’s seen a ghost. Oh god here we go…
“Yea uh, hey” I answer, and before I can say anything else, she interrupts me.
“My god I thought something happened to you! Are you okay?! Damn Alli, you scared the shit outta me! Why haven’t you answered my calls? Or my texts?!” I take a deep breath, and want to roll my eyes, but then I stop myself. I don’t blame her; I would react just like her.
“I’m sorry about that; I’ve been kinda… uhm… I haven’t had the time, okay?” there’s silence for a while…
“How did it go?” she then ask, a few seconds later. I bite my lip. How am I gonna tell her?
“Well… fine, I guess” I just answer, and now I suddenly regret doing this over the phone.
“Just fine?” she asks, and I know she frowns.  
“Look, can we talk about this tomorrow? I’m really tired so..”  I fake a yawn, hoping to convince her.
“Uhm, sure...” she answers, and I feel relieved. “Goodnight then, Kels. See you tomorrow at school”
“Yea, see you – Goodnight Lea” and then the phone call ends.

It’s Friday, and Justin hasn’t been to school since Tuesday.
We both weren’t in school Wednesday, the night I stayed at his house, but he wasn’t at school yesterday either, and today, Friday, he’s still not in school. This is so strange.
And oh yes, by the way Lea did freak out when I told her yesterday about what happened. She still thinks I’m kidding, even though I showed her my wound. But well, who would believe me? I wouldn’t even believe it myself. But this thing about Justin worries me.
Is he sick? He can’t be, I mean it’s right after I stayed at his house, that cannot be coincidence.
Is it my fault? Did I do something? My mind is going crazy, trying to find a logical explanation.
“Did something happen?” Lea suddenly ask and interrupts my thoughts.
I didn’t even notice her sitting down beside me. She looks at me.
“I don’t know” I frown as I stare at the floor “not that I know of. Maybe after I left”.
Lea nods. Then she tries to find the spot I’m staring at. I snap back to reality.
“Doesn’t matter anyway” I start looking for my books in my bag “I should stay away from him, and I will” I continue, not looking at Lea. She just looks at me without answering.
Then, out of the corner of my eyes, I see a smile forming on her lips. I choose to ignore it.
“One bet that you cannot stay away from him till Monday – right?” she then asks.
I bite my lip as I try to focus on the book. Then I roll my eyes as I look up at her. She’s still smiling.
“We’ll see.”

I throw myself onto the bed, and groans a bit as my head hurts.
I went to a nearby pub with Lea, the other girls and some of their friends, and it’s late. Way too late.
And not only that; I’ve drunk a little too much. I sit up on the bed and try to focus.
Everything’s spinning. I close my eyes for a few seconds, just to open them again, but nope – still spinning. Damn it. I look at the clock on my phone. 5AM. Shit, I’ve never been home this late before. I sigh. Dad’s gonna be pissed when he finds out. I roll my eyes. Whatever.
But then something else catches my attention. I frown as I try to focus on the screen of my phone.
What the fu… I click on the number, and Justin’s number shows up on the screen.
There’s no picture of him though. Damn, that’s a shame. He’s fucking sexy, honestly.
I chuckle at my own pathetic thoughts. But hey, how come I have his number? He has never given me his number, only his snapchat. I think. He must’ve saved his number on my phone that day at his house, perhaps when I was asleep. How creepy. I stare at the number for what feels like forever, and I swear I must have done it for at least 2 minutes, not kidding. I bite my lip.
And then I call the number.

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