For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


27. Part 27

Part 27

I get back from the kitchen with some water and a new cloth. They all turn their heads and looks at me. I walk to Alli and bends down beside her, as I put the cloth into the water. Alli is watching me.

"What now?" she asks, and I can't figure out whether she's complaining or if she's just curious.

I wring the cloth, and I'm trying hard not to look at her chest.

"I have to clean you - can't look all bloody like that" I just answer casually, as I then carefully let the cloth touch her chest, which is covered in blood caused by her shirt. I gently stroke the cloth onto the naked skin as I'm waiting for her to either grab my hand or just tell me to stop. But she doesn't. She watches me. I clean her chest. During those few minutes it takes, none of us say anything. The other guys have left the room, leaving Alli and I all alone in the living room.

"I can't come home looking like this" she suddenly speaks. I look at her, and I can see the frightening in her eyes.

"Then tell them you're staying at a friend" I answer, and it's like her face soften, and the frightening turns into frustration instead. And then she lightens up, like a kid walking into a candy shop.

"I'll tell them I'm staying at Lea, my best friend" she smiles, and I don't know if her smile is to me, but I chose to smile back. As I do, her smile turns into a shy smile. Then I stand up again.

"Go call your parents then" and then I leave the living room with the water and the cloth.

He leaves the room, and I look down my chest. There's only a little bit of blood left on my bra which he couldn't remove. I smile. I then look around and sees my phone lying on the table beside me. I grab it and call my parents. After several seconds someone finally picks it up and I can hear my dad. I smile;

"Hey dad.... I just wanted to say I’m staying at Lea tonight.... Yea.... I will.... See you, love you too dad" and then the phone call ends.

I put my phone in the back pocket of my jeans and then I sit up. A pain is cutting through my body and I groan. Ah shit. My back is also hurting from lying on the couch. I have to get home to Lea now. Home to a nice and warm bed, that's what I need right now. I carefully stand up and look around. Then I walk to the kitchen, perhaps he's still there.

But no, he's not. Then I hear talking from outside. There's a door right in front of me which leads you outside. I slowly walk to it and open it. The guys are standing outside, talking and smoking, but as they see me they stop talking.

"Alli?" Justin asks confused and with his eyebrows raised. He then quickly throws away the cigarette and walks towards me. I've never seen him smoke but now I know he does. Surprise.

"You shouldn't be walking around! Now let us get you back inside" he says but I quickly answer;

"No" and then he stops and looks at me "I have to get home to Lea now, the clock is late". He looks at me for a long time.

"Or you could stay here" I look up at him and raises my eyebrow.

"Here? Like... Sleep here?" Justin now raises an eyebrow as well, as if that's the most obvious in the world.

"Yea?" He just says casually, as if that would just be completely normal to do. I look at him. Then I look at the other guys and they're looking back at me; all waiting for my answer.

"We have a guest room" Justin suddenly says. I turn my attention back on him, and we look at each other. Then I nod carefully;

"Okay.. Well then I'll stay here... At the guest room" I say and I can see a little smile drawing upon Justin's lips.

"Well then let's get you up in there" he gently grabs my arm and waist, and helps me turn around and back into the living room. Then he leads me to a staircase I haven't noticed before now. It takes a little time to help me up that staircase, and as we get up, the pain suddenly gets too much and I can no longer stand on my feet. It hurts so badly, and my body is awfully tired.

"Hey" Justin says calmly and grabs me as I fall. He quickly realizes how tired I am and he pulls me up into his arms and walks down the little hallway, until he reaches the last door on the left. He opens it and kicks the door completely open before lifting me in and laying me onto the bed.

Ah yes, a big and comfortable bed!

He then starts taking off my converse shoes, and then he grabs the top of my jeans. My eyes are closed, but I can feel him stopping as he gets to my pants. I open my eyes and looks down at him, and he's looking at me. I think he's waiting for a reaction.

I slowly nod, and then he gently pulls down my jeans. My heart is beating so fast. No guy has ever seen me without my pants or my shirt. I notice Justin isn't looking at my body as he pulls down the pants, and when he's done he quickly gets up and turns around as he throws my jeans on the floor.

"Get some sleep. You need it" he then says and walks to the door.

I watch him as he leaves, and closes the door behind him. I stare at the door for a while, then crawl under the quilt and tries to fall asleep. And 10 minutes later I'm asleep.

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