For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


23. Part 23

Part 23

I’m sitting in the classroom, almost dying. Lea is watching me, and I can’t tell whether she’s trying to tell me it’s gonna be alright, or if she just thinks I’m a huge pussy.
My leg is trampling hysterically on the floor. It always does when I’m nervous.
Today is it. After this lesson, I’m going to find out where Justin lives. Holy fuck.
I don’t even know why I’m so nervous, I mean, I’m just supposed to follow him - without him seeing me - and then when I’ve seen his house, I’m just gonna go straight home.
What can possibly go wrong? He could end up finding out, but what the hell, he already doesn’t like me since I should stay away from him, so what’s to lose? I’m good.

I take a deep breathe. For the - I swear to God - fifth time in the last two minutes I look at the watch, hanging over the blackboard, where Ms. Darvins is sitting, reading her book.

She’s given us the last half of the lesson to do our next assignment for next week, but I just can’t focus right now. I’m just sitting there, staring at the watch, then Ms. Darvins, then Lea, and then on again. It’s almost like the High School Musical, where they’re all waiting fo the bell to ring so that they can throw all of their assignment papers into the air and scream “summer!” - But for me, it’s just not quite the situation, sadly. Either nothing is gonna happen, or else I’m just about to make one big fool out of myself. Let it stand or fall.

Lea pokes me into the side with her elbow “10 minutes” she whispers, and I can tell she’s chuckling on the inside. If it wasn’t for Ms. Darvins sitting a few feet away from us, I would’ve told her to shut up. I’m too nervous for her teasing right now. I feel sick.
I look down and close my eyes. And then it’s like the time just flies, because before I even get to open up my eyes again, I hear the bell ring and everybody rushes out the door. I freeze.
Oh no it’s now. I regret. I can’t do this. What if he sees me? Oh Lord, help me.

Every possible scenario is running through my mind right now, and I feel like my heart’s all up my throat. I can still regret I think to myself, but get pulled back to reality as Lea grabs my shoulder and pulls me with her towards the door. “Come on Alli, he gets home before you get out of the classroom with that speed you’re putting on!” she rushes at me, and I can’t do anything but follow her.
“Look Lea, I don’t think this is such a good idea” I stammer nervously, but Lea doesn’t seem to hear, or then she just chose to ignore me.
“There he is!” she says then pushes me forward as she stops. “Remember; he can’t see you!” she tells me, as she pulls on that I’m-dead-serious-now-Alli-look. I swallow.

And before I even get to answer her, she’s gone with the crowd of people, rushing out the doors to get home. I stand there, in the middle of the hallway, just looking around, little and confused. Then I find him again. He’s almost out the main entrance, talking with a bunch of guys from his class. I can hear his voice. His voice is so smooth and sexy, yet deep and somehow hoarse. I suddenly feel something like butterflies in my stomach.
Ugh no, stop it. I try to stop thinking of him, as I start walking towards him. Following him.
My heart is beating faster than ever. I keep a good distance between us, so that he won’t notice me.
He just keeps talking to the guys, not having a clue he’s been followed. Stalked.
I grimace at the thought. What I’m doing right now is actually stalking. He can report me for this.
He says bye to the guys by a few handshakes and some shoulder pads, then walks to his car.
I quickly find my car as well and gets in, and as he drives out the parking lot I follow him.
I make sure to have at least a few cars between us, so that he won’t see me. He knows I’m not supposed to drive this way, so that just be so awkward if he saw me.
I try to remain calm and turn on the radio. The song Haunted by Beyoncé comes on, a few seconds later.

It’s what you do
it’s what you see,
I know if I’m haunting you
you must be haunting me

I can’t help but listen to the text. It’s a catchy song, I like it, but I’ve never really listened to the lyrics. I look out the window. It’s cloudy and it seems like it could start raining anytime. Ugh.
I turn up the heat in the car. Luckily I’m wearing a sweater and some jeans. My favorite sweater.
The lyric of the song catches me again. It’s like in those movies, where the background song fits completely to the main character and their internal relationship. What a coincidence.

It’s where we go
it’s where we’ll be,
I know if I’m on to you, I’m on to you
On to you, you must be on to me

This is totally like a movie; the situation. Me following the mysterious boy from school, and the background song telling how we’re on to each other and literally haunting each other.
Honestly, it’s kind of creepy.
A few minutes later he turns onto a side road, and I follow.
Wait, where we going? Into the forest? There’s nothing but forest and lots of high trees.
Does he live here? No way he can’t. No family would chose to live a place like this. I frown.
But then suddenly, I can see a house between the trees a little further down the small road.
Just one house. A red treehouse. What the hell, he must be joking.
Maybe he doesn’t live here. Maybe he’s just going to meet someone. Pick up something, I don’t know. I decide not to follow him all the way to the house, that’d be too obvious for him to notice me then, so I park the car between some tall bushes, some distance away from the house.
He parks the car just right outside the house. And he stops the car completely. Oh well.
I stay in the car, watching him. He walks to the front door and casually opens it.
Then he walks inside and disappears.
He can’t live here, really? I won’t believe it! This is kind of strange – and a little creepy.

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