For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


20. Part 20

Part 20
Suddenly I feel kind of scared. His reaction is scaring me.
He just stands there, and he’s got this emotionless look on his face, that just makes you wanna dig your own crave and hide in there forever. Is he mad? Is he sad? Did I hurt him? Or did I make him hate me more than anyone else because of what I said. I don’t know. My heart’s still beating fast.
And then, all of a sudden he takes a deep breath as he looks down on the floor. And before I can even take another breath, or blink with my eyes he hits the wall just right beside my head. The hit was so hard I could feel the air on my ear, and I gasp.
“Don’t you ever fucking talk to me like you know me – got that?” he snap at me, and his face has turned from emotionless to furious. He’s clenching his jaw, while staring directly into my eyes.
I open my mouth, trying to say something, but nothing comes out. I can’t, I’m in shock.
I’ve never seen him like this. I’ve never seen anyone this furious before, and now he is because of me. I made him this mad. I immediately regret what I said, and I can feel the tears pushing, wanting to run down my cheeks. And I let them. I feel the first tears starting to run down my cheeks.
How could I be this mean to him? He’s right, I don’t know him – I don’t know him at all.
Though the tears are pouring down my cheeks, he doesn’t even blink, not even once. And that makes me realize he doesn’t care – he doesn’t even care that I’m crying. He couldn’t care any less.
Then, after what feels like forever, but in reality must’ve been 10 seconds, he pulls away from me and the wall, and walks straight out my room. And then he’s gone. I don’t follow him, I just stand there, not knowing what to say nor do. I just stare out in the air, as I hear him telling my dad goodbye, and the moment he smacks the front door I gasp once again. Holy fuck, what just happened? And then it feels like I’ve got the biggest lump in my throat and I start to sob. I sob a lot. And then I just let it all out. I cry, hysterically as I run to my bed and smash my head down the pillow, to avoid anyone from hearing me. I’m pathetic. My first ever real chance to explore what it’s like to have a connection with someone from the other sex, and I just successfully ruined that. Well done Alli, well fucking done.
I hear my dad coming up the stairs and towards the door. I quickly get up from the bed, brushing away the millions of tears which have definitely ruined my makeup by now, but I can’t change that now. He slowly opens my door, and I take a deep breathe before he steps in. He looks worried.
“Honey, are you okay?” he asks, just as if he knows what has happened. I don’t know what to say.
“I, uh…” I say but he interrupts me “I heard a loud voice coming from your room, like someone hit the door or something” oh well uh, close enough dad. “No I’m fine dad, really – I just lost my uh…” I look around my room “my satchel” I look back at him and fake a smile.
He’s watching me, looking rather skeptical about my answer, but then he decides to go on with it.
“Alright” he says and smiles back. “I was just making sure everything was fine” he’s about to walk out and close the door again as he stops “and oh… that boy… Justin it was, right? He seems sweet” he smiles and winks at me, then walks out and closes the door. I smile back, but not that happy smile, but more like the “I-know-dad-but-I-just-ruined-it” kind of smile. I sigh, and then walk to the bathroom to get changed and into bed. Oh no, it’s Monday tomorrow. I’m gonna see him again.
Fuck, what am I gonna do? How will he react when he sees me? Will he ignore me? Or will he just act as if nothing’s wrong? Like none of this ever happened? I fumble around on the toilet as I take off my makeup, brush my hair and teeth, and gets into my pajamas. I walk to my window and looks out, before jumping into my bed and under the sheets.

I lay in the bed, staring at the ceiling before finally falling asleep after half an hour.

I wake up. It’s 6:29AM. A minute before my alarm will start freaking out. Typical.
I yawn as I sit up in the bed, covering myself in my warm sheets. Ugh, fucking Mondays.
My thoughts are still going crazy about last night. Did it seriously happen or what is just a dream? Not sure actually. After several minutes I get up from the bed and walks to roll up my curtains.
As I roll them up, I notice a little piece of paper which is clued to the window with tape. I frown.
What the hell? I lean in to take a better look at it, and I realize something is written on it. It’s a message. I open my window and grab the paper. Its handwriting, not the pretties I’ve ever seen, and I know it’s written by a boy – Justin. I read the message:

“I’m sorry for tonight. Didn’t mean to let out my anger like that. I don’t hope that I’ve scared you too much, but you should stay clear from me. I want to be honest with you. I didn’t tell you everything tonight, and that’s for a reason. You shouldn’t be around me, and please… don’t hate me. – Justin”

I keep reading the message, over and over again. What? I should stay clear from him, what the hell does he mean with that? He’s the one who came to me, not the opposite. And what is it that he didn’t tell me? I need to know what he means with this message. And I’ll find out today. 

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