For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


2. Part 2

Part 2.
Alright, so I’ve been here for a week and I actually like this school.
Everyone’s being nice to me, and I’ve become a part of Lea’s “clique” which includes me, her, Spencer, Amber and Alyson. They’re so awesome and I feel like I’ve known them way more than just a week.
We’re sitting in class, talking gossip and Pretty Little Liars as the usual. Today we’re going at the waterpark.
The whole damn school. I don’t even know why I signed up for this, since I was 12 I have never been into water. Only when I shower. Something happened to me back then, and the thought of it makes my whole body shiver and I just want to get rid of the thought straight away. “I hope the outdoor pools are open, the weather is finally starting to show it’s summer” Spencer says as she runs a hand through her hair and we all agree.
Well, honestly I don’t really care, because I’m not going into the water anyway.
I look out the window. The busses have started to arrive and other classes have already started to invade them.
And then Miss Darvins comes rushing into the class “our bus is here, follow me!” and we all runs out the class and to the bus, making sure to have a seat. Miss Darvins sighs and shakes her head, then follows the last students.
As I get into the bus, Lea and Spencer are already there down back in the bus and keeping seats for me, Amber and Alyson. Miss Darvins starts to count if everyone is here, and because everybody is rushing out and in the bus, she quickly gives up and finds her own seat up front. Minutes later the bus starts driving.
“I forgot to shave this morning” Lea says and we all look at her. I raise an eyebrow. “So? We’re just going for a swim, no guy is gonna see you without your bikini anyway” the girls giggles and Lea rolls her eyes. “Whatever”.
“So, talking shaving; are you a virgin, Alli?” I’m looking out the window, but as she speaks, I turn my head and looks at her. “What?” I ask, not sure if I was wrong about the question. Why does she want to know?
“I asked; are you a virgin?” They all look at me. I frown a bit, thinking of my answer. I’ll just be honest with them.
“Yes, I am – why?” I answer. They gape. “Seriously?! How can you… I mean, you’re so hot, who wouldn’t want to do you?!” Amber says, and they all agree again.
“I don’t know, what’s so weird about it?” Is it weird to be a virgin even though you’re 18 years old? Personally I don’t think so. I mean, everyone’s just rushing into it and I’ll keep waiting for the right one.
I’ve never really had a boyfriend, and I don’t wanna do it with just some random guy I meet.
And I don’t really go to parties, so I don’t meet lots of guys often. I don’t even know if I feel ready to lose it yet.
“Well… most loses it when they’re like 16 or something… But I actually think it’s very awesome that you haven’t yet, that you still wait. That’s impressive” Lea says and smiles at me. I smiles back carefully, wondering if she really means it. Well apparently I’m the only virgin of me and the girls. Wow, I was hoping at least one more would be. Maybe Alyson? “Are you a virgin, Alyson?” I ask her and turn my head to look at her.
She’s looking at her phone but then turns her eyes on me. “Nope, I was the first to lose it – I lost it when I was 12”
I try not to look shocked, but I can’t really help it. 12?! That’s freaking early! I look down, I suddenly feel like an outsider. Now I feel different from them. But then Spencer puts her arm around me and squeezes me.
“Don’t worry, sooner or later you’ll find the right guy – and we’ll help you!” I instantly feel the excitement from all the girls. “Yeah, we’ll be your wingmen!” Alyson supplements and they all giggles. I can’t help but smile a bit, and then turns my head to look out the window again. 

We finally arrive at the Waterpark.
Everybody’s rushing out the busses and into the building. The guys have made a bet of who’ll be the first into the water. I don’t really feel like rushing, so I’m just walking casually with Lea. Spencer, Amber and Alyson followed the boys and will wait for us at the changing rooms.
“Don’t be sad about the bus conversation. I’m sorry for asking, I thought you had lost it already” she looks at me with a sad kind of face. “No it’s okay, I’m cool” I smile at her, and that cheers her up a bit. “Great.”
We walk inside the building and to the changing room. Spencer, Amber and Alyson have already started changing, so we hurry up. After changing into my bikini I walk to the toilet and changes tampon.
Thanks god tampons exist. I walk back to the girls and we all go out to the pools.
Wow, so many people at one place. I look around and it seems like our school students are the only persons here.
We walk to one of the pools and the girls jumps in and screams as the water covers their bodies.
That must be so cold. I smile at them as I stand on the edge, watching them. Then I look around again.
“Aren’t you coming in as well, Alli?” Lea looks up at me.
“Nah, I’d rather just watch you guys” I smile at her, and she makes a confused face.
“Really? You’re not coming in at all?” I look down. Now I’m definitely the bored one in this clique. Great.
“I don’t think so. I don’t really feel like” I look down my body. I have goose bumps all over my body.
“You’re boring!” Amber shouts and they all laugh. I smile. I know.
I look around again. The guys are pushing each other into the water, fighting playfully. I smile.
Then something else catches my attention – or rather, someone else.
Justin comes out from the men’s changing room, walking casually with his guys.
Some other guys join them and they make handshakes. I know I’m staring, but right now I don’t really care.
And just as I was hoping he wouldn’t, he looks over here and sees me. And then he smiles.

Oh shit.

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