For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


18. Part 18

Part 18.
”Uhm, okay” I answer, a little bit unsure of the situation.
Alright Justin, if you wanna play, then let’s play. I take a deep breathe, waiting for him to start.
“So” he starts, looking out into my room “it’s really very simple; you say something you have never done, like i have never had a dog or something like that, and if I have ever had a dog, I’m supposed to take a sip of my drink – it’s a very great drinking game, do you have anything we could drink?” he looks at me with expectant eyes. I look back into his big and warm hazel brown eyes and somehow I just can’t take my eyes away from him. He raises an eyebrow, still waiting for an answer and that force me back to reality and makes me clear my throat before answering “uh yea, sure” I point out the door “but not in here, it’s on my dad’s home office”. Justin just smiles and gets up from the bed.
“Well then let’s go find something” he reaches out for my hand to help me get up from the bed, and I grab it as he pulls me up.
We walk out of my room and then I look down at the staircase, before carefully walking to the office. “We’re not supposed to be here really” I whisper to him as we walk inside the office.
I turn on the lights and walks to the drinks cabinet. There are so many different bottles of different things. I start looking through them; vodka, whiskey, cognac, rum, and many other stuff.
“I think this is great” Justin suddenly says, and as I turn around to look at him, he’s standing with the bottle of Captain Morgan rum. I frown. “Rum? Really? Ew no it’s so gross! And we’re going to be so drunk of it” Justin just chuckles “don’t worry it’s not that bad. Come on” he starts walking back towards the door and I can’t do anything but follow him. I walk up front, making sure Michael and dad not are seeing us. I walk quickly back to my room with Justin following, and quickly shuts the door and locks it as we get inside.
“I’m really not supposed to drink on this normal afternoon” I say as I lock the door.
Justin sits down on the bed with the Captain Morgan bottle in his hand, watching me. “I know, that’s what makes it all more interesting.” I smile nervously at him, not knowing if I should be reasonable and put back the Captain Morgan, there’s still time to regret.
But I choose not to, instead I sit down beside him on the bed. “Alright, let’s play” he says.
“Since I know this game and you don’t I’ll just start” he continues, then stays quite for several seconds while thinking. “Okay” he starts and then continues again “I have never… gone to a concert before. A real one” he says and looks at me with a curious smirk as he waits for my reaction. Damn it, I have.
“I have, am I supposed to drink then?” I point at the bottle and looks at it in disgust. He nods.
Then he opens the bottle “here, just take a little sip of it” he reaches the bottle to me and don’t ever smell it before drinking because that’s what I did and it literally almost made me wanna throw up.
I take a very little sip of it and I immediately feel the rum burning down my throat, making me cough. Gosh, the taste is awful, even worse than I thought. Justin laughs a bit of my reaction.
“There you go. It’s not that bad, is it?” I just nod absentminded, right now I can’t speak a word.
“Alright, your turn” he says and waits for my confession. I think for a while.
What can I possible say that he hasn’t tried? I mean, he must’ve tried everything.
“I have never… done something criminal” I look at him, searches for a reaction in his face.
He looks at me for a few seconds, just smiling like before, and just as I think he’s about to ask me a new question, he grabs the bottle and takes a sip. A real sip, not one of those pathetic sips like me.
I raise my eyebrows. “Seriously? What did you do?” I ask.
Justin just shrugs as he snorts “what did I not do” he says, and then takes a deep breathe.
I keep looking, “tell me at least one thing then” he looks up at me with a little smile playing on his lips. “Well, car theft, violence, shoplifting… there are many, trust me” he looks down, and for a second I actually think he regrets all of those things. But why would he do things like that?
“But… why?” I look into his eyes.
“Because I’m stupid” he just admits. There’s an awkward silence for a moment, then he turns his eyes away from me and down at the bottle. “Alright, my turn… I have never been in love” he says.
I look at the bottle as well, not knowing if I should take another sip.
Well, technically I haven’t been in love since I was just crushing on some boy that I never even spoke to, and I don’t even think he ever got to know that I existed. It was in 7th grade or so, the first time I’ve ever really felt interest in a guy. In another way than just friends. And at that time I thought of myself as in love, but I was really just crushing, wasn’t I? I mean, you can’t be in love with someone you’ve never spoken to, can you? Okay, I’ll decide not to drink, because then he’ll ask about it and that’d be humiliating as hell.
When he realizes I’m not going to drink he raises his eyebrows. “Seriously? Never?” he asks again.
“Nope. Only crushing, but that’s years ago, nothing serious you know” I answer, then clears my throat. “Okay” I say and continues “I have never had sex” I say, and I know he’s going to drink, if not he’s lying, for sure. But as I guessed, he takes another sip. “You’re a tough girl on this game. Not tried much, have you?” he asks, smirking. I feel myself blush a little, how awkward.
“Nah, just another of those boring virgin type of girls, I guess” I answer, and we both start laughing.
“I don’t think of you as boring, far from” he says after we stop laughing, and for the first time in forever I feel a little butterfly inside of my stomach. And that butterfly forces me to smile.

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