For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


16. Part 16

Part 16.
”Well hello Justin, I guess you must be a friend from school?” my dad asks and looks at me.
I clear my throat before answering “yeah it is, he just wanted to step by and say hallo. He drove me home from McDonalds” I smile carefully at my dad, and surprisingly he returns the smile.
“That was very nice of you, Justin” he looks back at Justin again, still smiling. Justin smiles back.
“Anytime, Mr. Thompson” my dad chuckles “oh just call me Jared” Justin chuckles as well.
Wow, my dad seems to like him. Maybe Michael hasn’t told about him… yet. I feel relieved.
“Would you like to stay over for dinner, Justin?” Justin looks at me as I look back, and then he looks back at my dad. “If you don’t mind, I’d love to” “No no, of course I don’t mind!” my dad looks towards the living room and raises his voice “Michael! Come out and help me with the food, Alli has brought home a new friend today!” Oh shit fuck no. For a little while I can’t move at all.
Shit, why did I NOT see this coming?! I fake a smile to my dad and pull in Justin’s arm “come let’s go upstairs!” I’m almost running up to the stairs, pulling Justin with me.
“If you don’t slow down you’re gonna fall down the stairs” Justin tries not to laugh but fails and I can’t help but giggle. “I just can’t deal with a fight right now!” we get up from the stairs and into my room. I place my purse on my table and Justin looks around.
“You have a really nice room” he watches the pictures of me and old friends from other schools, including pictures of me, Leah, Spencer, Ashley, Alyson and Ambler. We’re all laughing.
He smiles. “Is that friends from your old school?” “Yea” I answer, as I sit down on the bed and watch him. And I swear he looks at every single thing on my room!
“So, what do you wanna do?” he turns his focus on me, then walks to the bed and sits down beside me. “I don’t know, what do you think?” I think of any possible thing to do. It’s the first time ever that we’re hanging out alone. Well it’s basically the first time we’re hanging out at all.
“We could watch a movie?” he interrupts my thought and smiles, then continues “what movies do you have?” I smile back, and then walk to find all of my movies. Actually I have a lot, in different genres. “I have a lot, what would you like to see?” “You decide” he answers and I giggle quietly.
I look through the movies; The Notebook, Dear John, Remember Me, 17 Again, Ps. I Love You, Charlie St. Cloud. It’s all romantic movies, that’d be awkward. I look through another bunch; Magic Mike, Pitch Perfect, Despicable Me 2, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Love and Other Drugs, Night at the Museum, Mama Mia, Mr. and Ms. Smith. I sigh; I have no movie that would be just a little bit interesting for him. Michael has all the action movies, but I can’t really ask him for an action movie when it’s Justin, then he for sure won’t let me borrow it.
But then I see it. I smile as I grab it; We’re the Millers! Of course! I show it to Justin.
“What about this one? Have you seen it?” he chuckles and walks to me, then grabs the movie.
“Yea I have, but I won’t mind watching it again, I love it” I giggle “so do I” Justin chuckles.
But then I remember the dinner. We’ll eat anytime. “I think we have to wait until we’ve eaten. But… When are you going home?” Justin sits down on the floor, right in front of me.
“I’ll just stay until we’ve seen the movie” I can’t help but look at his lips. I’ve kissed those gorgeous lips. I can’t believe it. I’ve kissed them. And I have to admit; he’s a great kisser! A really great one! I know I haven’t kissed any other guy beside him, or well, I kissed Liam in like 4th grade, but that was like… yea, not a real kiss. So technically, Justin’s my first real kiss ever.
I smile by the thought and then I realize that he has moved his face even closer to mine. And now he’s staring at my lips as well. I bite my lower lip, and Justin opens his mouth a little.
And then all of a sudden – I don’t know why and I wish I didn’t – I think of Ashley, and what happened at the party. They had sex. And of course they have kissed as well. Maybe this is how it starts; he flirts with you, then kisses you, makes you want more and then it happens.
What if I’m just another girl to him? Just another chance for him to get laid? I pull my head back.
“I think the dinner is ready now” I get up from the floor and opens the door, and just as I do that my dad’s calling us “Alli, the dinner’s ready!” Justin gets up from the floor as well. “We’re coming!”
I walk to the stairs and I feel Justin right behind me – maybe a little too close to me.
We walk down the stairs and into the living room. Michael’s not here and I really wish he wasn’t home right now. This dinner is going to be so awkward, and my dad will find out that something’s not right, for sure. We sit down at the table; Justin beside me and dad in front of me, which means that Justin and Michael will be sitting right in front of each other. How interesting.
“Just go ahead and eat!” dad says as he sits down and we starts taking some food.
“Where’s Michael?” “Oh he’ll be here in a minute; he said he had to save the game” I nod.
We start eating, and I’m actually really surprised that my dad has been so nice to Justin, I honestly wasn’t expecting that. And then suddenly Michael comes. Both Justin and I look at each other, then at him. But Michael doesn’t say anything; instead he just sits down by the table and starts picking up some food. There’s an awkward silence for a while, none of us really knows what so say.
But then Michael breaks the silence “So dad, what do you think of Justin? Isn’t it great that Alli has finally found a good guy to take care of her?” I can really feel the sarcasm in Michael’s words and the anger slowly starts building up inside of me. But dad doesn’t seems to sense the sarcasm, he just smiles at Michael “yes he’s very nice, are you classmates?” dad asks and looks at Justin and I.
“You can also call them that” Michael interrupts before putting some food in his mouth.
Justin chuckles and I give him the evil look; he really needs to shut his mouth right now or I’ll cut him! “He’s from the parallel class” I turn my eyes on dad and smiles. “Oh” he smiles back.
“What are you guys doing up there?” Michael smirks at me, and now I’ve had enough.
“Michael? Will you please just shut up? Thanks” At some points he can really piss me off like nobody else. And this was one of the points. Ugh, brothers. What a little prick.

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