For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


14. Part 14

Part 14
”I gotta go” Michael can’t see me sitting with him. But just as I hurry up from the chair and start walking towards Michael and his friends, Justin grabs my waist and forces me down on his lap.
”Where you think you’re going?” he asks and smirks at me, and Leah giggles. I look at Michael again and he’s staring at me with the most evil look. What am I gonna tell him?
“You know what, I really can’t stay” I try to fake a smile as I pull away Justin’s hands from my waist and gets up from his lap. Then I head towards Michael. I know Leah and Justin are staring at me right now, wondering what the hell is wrong with me, but I have to clear out something with Mike. I can’t take this anymore; I’ve had enough. He can’t tell me who to hang around with and who not to. He’s my little brother, not my dad!
And the closer I get to him, the more disgusted he looks. I’m getting pissed.
As I sit down in front of Michael, I look him right into his eyes, looking just as evil as him.
“Alright, spit out; what the damn fuck is your problem, Mike? No wait. Before you speak, let me tell you some facts; first of all, I am damn fucking tired of your bullshit! You’re acting like a baby, seriously. Second, I can take care of myself, okay? I’m 18 and you’re only 15 so don’t think you can tell me what to do and what not to. And third, as I’ve already told you millions of times; I am NOT dating him! And you know what? Even if I was, it’s not your god damn problem! Can’t you just stay out of it? It’s my life, not yours! You’re still stuck in the fight, get over it! Move on!”
I catch myself raising my voice, and then I realize I’m the only one talking. Out of everyone in McDonalds, I’m the only one speaking. Everyone else is just looking at me, not saying a thing.
Even Michael doesn’t even know what to say. I take a deep breath as my evil face slowly fades.
“I know what I’m doing, Mike. Stop being so worried about me” my face turns from evil to sensible, and so does Michael’s. And then I hear Leah whisper “did you hear that?” and I turn to look at her; she’s whispering to Justin, and he’s staring at me, looking speechless.
Oh my god no, he heard it. He heard me saying that I wouldn’t care about Michael if he and I were together. No no no, he can’t hear that! At this moment I feel so humiliated. I just want to run away.
I look down, embarrassed. “See you at home” I speak quietly and then get up from the chair and walks quickly out of McDonalds, almost running.
As I get out, I just wanna cry. I really embarrassed myself in there, oh god.
The tears are doing everything in their power to get out, but I try as hard as I can to keep them inside of me. It will take me approx. half an hour to walk home from here, and that’s fine with me, I’m not going back in there.
“Hey! Alli!” no way, it’s Justin. I keep walking and pretend I can’t hear him. But then he yells again and I look behind me. He’s running towards me, and Leah has sat into her car, watching us.
“I’m really not in mood for talking, Justin. See you tomorrow” I look in front of me again, but I know he’s still running towards me. And then I feel his hands on my waist as he forces me to stop, then he walks in front of me. “Hey, what’s wrong?” I laugh sarcastically “what’s wrong?! I just yelled at my brother in front of everyone! And I said things that they really did not have to know about! Nobody had!” I’m raising my voice again but I can’t help it. I’m so frustrated and sad right now. He heard it, and he was the one who really couldn’t hear this no matter what, but he did.
“It wasn’t that bad, calm down” he moves his hands from my waist to my face, caressing my cheeks as he looks into my eyes. And then he smiles that smile. I look back, but then down. And that’s it, I can’t keep them inside of me now, I’ll let them out.
The tears start streaming down my face, and Justin’s smile fades and his face turns worried.
“Why are you crying? Please don’t” he starts stroking the tears away with his thumbs, but the tears just won’t stop. “Oh Alli, please calm down. You said nothing wrong! Why is it so bad that people heard it? Why can’t they?” I close my eyes “because they just can’t! I don’t want anyone to know about it! And especially not you because if you know that I like you then everything will change completely!” I gasp and regret everything I just said. I said it. I fucking said it. Right in front of him, I let it all out in anger and frustration. I just did what I shouldn’t do out of everything in the whole wide world. I’m screwing everything up. The chances of finally becoming friends with him, I just ruined it. Justin is staring at me, still stroking my cheeks. Then he frowns a bit.
“You like me? Wait, what?” my heart is beating faster than ever, and I’m breathing really fast now.
“Oh no I told you, you made me say it” and now he frowns even more, looking confused and frustrated. “Why did you never tell me? Alli for god sake, why were you so scared about me finding out that you like me? What are you so afraid of? Michael?” ”no!” I answer instantly.
“Then what? Tell me, Alli!” I sob a bit “I can’t! I’ve already told you too much!”
I try to remove his hands from my face but he won’t let me, he just moves even closer to me.
“No no Alli, wait!” he lifts up my face, forcing me to look at him, and just as I look at him, he bends down and kisses me. I feel like my heart is dropping onto the ground and my legs disappear underneath me. His lips are so soft and warm, and I can’t help but kiss back. I close my eyes and just enjoy the kiss. As he pulls away I slowly open my eyes and he looks at me. I look back.
“Why did you do that?” I ask, and he smiles. “Because I wanted to” and I can’t help but smile back.

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