For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


13. Part 13

Part 13.
”What’s up?” Leah asks and I notice she’s looking at me.
I look back at her, not knowing what to answer. Should I tell her? Tell her that I like him?
I fake a smile “nothing, just thought of something, doesn’t matter” she keeps looking at me for a while as if she wants to ask me about something, but then she smiles back “alright then. So, what are you up to? What do you wanna do?” I think; hmm, what should we do?
“I don’t know, what do you think?” I look at her and she smirks at me. “What I think? Well, I think we should go at McDonalds and grab some food; I could really need some fast-food for these hangovers!” We laugh and gets up from the bed, then walks down the stairs.
I’ll try not to think of Ashley and Justin the whole day. They just ruin my mood.
Today it will just be me and Leah and I’m so glad she’s still able to keep our deal about hanging out today even though the hangovers. That’s one thing I like about Leah; she never breaks a promise.
She grabs her keys for the car as we walk out of the door. We sit in the car and she starts it and we drive towards McDonalds. Luckily it’s not more than 5 minutes away from here.
As we drive we turn on the music and sings along. We can’t help but laugh once in a while and we’re having so much fun. The weather is great as well.
“Drive through or sit inside?” we look at each other and then giggles; sit inside!
She places the car at the parking lot and stops, and then we walk inside McDonalds.
There are a lot of people, mostly teens. I guess Leah isn’t the only one taking care of her hangovers here. I look around to see if I know anybody. And I see Tish from school together with a few others that I know. When she notices me she smiles and I smile back. Leah starts to order her food.
“What do you want, Alli?” I look up at the menu cards behind the desk. “I’ll just have a milkshake, please” the young lady smiles at me as I order. When we have gotten our food we sit down at a table, and Leah starts to eat. “I tell you, Alli; fast-food for breakfast is the best thing ever when you’re having a hangover, trust me!” I laugh as I watch her and she can’t help but laugh as well.
I take a sip of my milkshake. It’s vanilla and tastes really good.
Leah is eating as if she hasn’t been eating for three days. I smile, and then look around again.
More and more people are coming, and I’m just glad we found a place to sit.

“So Alli, what did you think of the party? Why did you leave btw? Can’t remember if you’ve told me already” she eats again as she waits for me to answer.
I look at her again. “I just got tired, didn’t really feel in the mood for partying anymore, so I decided to go home. Leah nods to show me that she’s listening. “Did you meet Justin upstairs? I mean he went to look for you to make sure you got your things and stuff” I raise an eyebrow as, still looking at her. “He did?” she looks back “yeah, I mean that’s what he said, why?” I think back of the episode on Ryan’s room. How he forced me against the wall and kind of grinded his body against mine. I still can’t figure out why he did that. Especially not now when Leah is telling me this.
That he just went to make sure I got all my stuff. That’s not how I experienced it.
“Oh. But yeah I met him” she nods again and smiles. “He’s so sweet Alli, I really can’t understand why you don’t like him” I snort and fakes a smile. I don’t want her to know that I like him. I don’t know why I don’t want her to know, I just don’t. I’m weird, but I feel like it’s best if nobody knows. And the way he’s holding Ashley on the picture, I guess he likes her now. And I guess I just have to accept that and deal with it. But whatever, I’d never have a chance anyway.
I’m too different from him. Not his type of girl, I’m sure. I mean I never party, I don’t smoke, do drugs and stuff like that; everything he does I don’t.
We’d be like an elephant with zebra; I mean that’d just be wrong.
“It’s not that I don’t like him it’s just… I mean yes, he’s sweet I know, but he’s just… not those type of people that I’d like to hang out with” I take a deep breath “Honestly? I didn’t feel comfortable at the party. I felt like an outsider. Like the only one who had never been at a party before, the only one who doesn’t smoke, the only one who doesn’t do drugs and all those things.
I felt different… That’s also I reason why I went home” I look down and I can feel Leah looking at me. “Alli sweetheart, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable… Maybe you haven’t done all those things, but you know what? You’re sensible. I wish I was that as well. You know I’ve been like Justin and his friends. Still kind of am, at parties. And I regret that. I wish I’ve tried doing drugs and smoking and stuff. And so what if that makes you different? That doesn’t mean that they don’t like you.
I mean Justin does. He told me that he’s sorry that you seem so dismissive… Like you won’t let him in and give him a chance to be your friend. And he really want to be, Alli”
I look at Leah again. And before I get to answer someone plays with my bun and Leah’s face turns into a huge smile. “Hello there ladies, how are your heads?” and I realize who it is.
“Not good!” Leah answers immediately and Justin sits down beside her, placing his arm on the armrest of her chair. My heart is beating so fast at the moment, and I know for sure that I’m blushing. I try to act like nothing, but then he looks at me. “And what about you, Alli? You left early. And you missed a lot” I smile carefully. “Yeah I know, Leah told me about it” he smiles back
”nice” I look down again. How the hell does he manage to always be at the same place as me?!
And then I see my brother and bunch of his friends entering McDonalds. I pray for him not to look over here but he does. And he sees me. Sitting with Justin and his smile fades completely. Shit.

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