For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


1. Part 1

Part 1.
"My good, he's staring at you!" I hear Lea gasp as she grabs my arm.              
"Who?" I look at her with a confused face.
"That guy over there, with the basketball... He's a 12th grader, so hot"
"Hm... What's his name?" I turned my head the way she’s nodding and notice a bunch of 12th grader guys fooling around and playing basket. The one with the basketball is watching me.
"Justin I think, all girls are drooling over him" We both look at him. He’s wearing a grey shirt, some dark colored jeans and red Supras.
”Really?” I ask without taking my eyes off of him. His left arm is covered in tattoos. His brown hair sits perfectly and shines in the sunlight, as he plays around. And once in a while he turns his eyes on me.
“Yes really” Lea interrupts my thoughts. “But you know, he’s popular. You’re lucky that he even wants to pay attention to you. He doesn’t do that to many” I frown.
“He sounds arrogant… and selfish” I turn my eyes on Lea. She’s still staring at him. “He is”.
“Then why does everybody like him then?” I’m confused. Arrogant and selfish? Well, not my type of guy.
“Look at him, he’s perfect… His smile makes you melt. And his laugh, nothing’s better than that” Lea smiles as she speaks. She seems exactly as if she was talking about a boyfriend. She seems… in love.
“You like him? Seriously?” I raise my eyebrows as I wait for her to answer. She got to be kidding me!
“Who doesn’t?” she answered as she looks at me with an innocent look.
I stare at her. And then rolls my eyes. “Well, I don’t” my face turns into a smile as I speak.
“Well then you will, trust me… A few more days and you’re high over heels for him” she blinks at me.
I roll my eyes again. No way. “You’re sick” I answer, and then we both laugh.

“I gotta go. You know, period” I look at her with an awkward face and she just laughs again.
“Yeah I know, we’ll talk in the class!” I smile and then walk inside the school.
I walk down the hallway and find the toilets. Gosh, period sucks. I quickly changes tampon and walks out to my locker. I find my books and everything I need for math and gaps as I closes my locker.
“Hey” he says as he leans against the locker beside mine. He’s smiling. And guess what, Lea was right – His smile is so attractive. “Uh hey” I say as I tries not to pay much attention to him.
I don’t like arrogant and selfish people. Actually I hate them. I don’t wanna have anything to do with them.
And why does he even wanna talk to me? I’m new and nothing special. This is so weird.
“So… Haven’t seen you before, I’m guessing you’re new?” Oh great, now he’s trying to start a conversation and my class starts in 5 minutes. “Well uh… I came two days ago, but I guess you can call it that, yeah” I try to fake a smile. Doesn’t he notice that I don’t have time for this? Isn’t his class starting in 5 minutes too anyway?
“Oh, really? Well, I haven’t seen you before today” He keeps smiling as he tries to catch my attention.
I look at him again as I don’t know what to answer. Then I fake a smile again. “Cool”
“Yeah… What class are you in?” He moves away from the locker as he puts his hands down his pockets.
“The C class” I notice the watch he’s wearing on his right wrist. Wow, that must’ve been expensive!
“What a shame… I’m in the D class” He chuckles as he winks. Gosh stop that, I’m not gonna fall for it and be another girl drooling over you. “Yeah, well… I gotta go, my class starts now” I start walking towards my class. “Mine too. We’ll talk later! Hopefully” He says as he watches me. I turn my head and smiles, then turn it back and walks into the classroom. Everyone’s almost there and I find my seat and sits down.

”It’s math, right?” I ask Lea as I sit down.
“Yeah” she looks at me in excitement. “So, I saw he left the basketball court and went inside a few minutes after you, did you see him?” she waits impatiently for my answer. I raise an eyebrow “Justin? Uh yeah, I did see him” I take a deep breath as I turn my focus on the math book. “He actually went to my locker and wanted to chat”. The excitement in her face turns into a gasps. “No way! What did you talk about?”
She moves close to me, and I feel a little awkward.  “He just asked if I was new here, and I said I came two days ago and then he asked which class I’m in” I put on a little smile, then changes to subject.
“Where’s the teacher? The class was supposed to start 7 minutes ago” I look at Lea again with wonder; she’s still looking slightly gaping at me. Seconds later she pulls herself together and moves away from me again.
“She’ll probably be here anytime. Did we have any homework?” She finds her math book too. “Nope” I answer.

I look down into the book and find the right page.
Then suddenly I hear everyone gasp, and as I look up, I see him coming straight towards me.
Lea looks like as if she’s having a heart attack.
He stops right in front of my table and smiles at me. “How foolish of me to expect us to talk later when we’ve got nothing on each other. So I thought I’d give you some kind of way to get in contact with me”.
He puts his hand down his pocket and takes up a little piece of paper. “Here’s my Snapchat” he hands it to me.
“Snap me” he says as he starts walking backwards and winks at me. “And oh, I forgot to tell you, but my name’s Justin”
Now I’m the one gaping. Why is he so interested in me? When he seems to not care about almost anyone else?
“Mr. Bieber?” our math teacher says as she walks into the class and straight to her table.
He looks at her and smiles, that melting smile. “Sorry Miss Darvins, I’m out now” she sends him back a warm smile, and he quickly goes out of the classroom. Everyone’s quiet. And not only that; Everyone’s looking at me.
“Page 26, this will be homework for tomorrow, so I’ll let you do it now”
I’m looking at the piece of paper. Justindbieber it says. Lea is starring at it too. “Save it!” she whispers.
I put it down my pocket, and then start doing page 26. I would really love to know what he’s up for.

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