Long Ago **On Hold**

Hello! I am Kylie Scott. My past nightmares come back to haunt me when my daughter asks a question I was hoping would never be asked.


7. What to Wear?


Kylie's POV


I opened the door and ran upstairs, ignoring my mother screaming at me like she always is. My dad was the one who would spoil me. He worked at the bank so we were quite rich. He bought me my white Mercedes-Benz, my prom dress from Victoria Secrets. He even went through the trouble of getting me to meet One Direction, my favourite boy band. I miss my dad so much. He died shortly after I graduated from High School. Now it's only me, mum and Harry.


I ran into my walk-in closet rumaging through all my clothes I decided to wear something easy to get out of. I got out my mini white dress with a black lacey neck border. I picked out my black gladiators and a black purse to wear along side them.


After getting my clothes set out, including my red, lacy bra and thong. I took a quick shower then dried my hairself and put my flat hair up into a waterfall braid.





I applied my make-up and was ready to go. My phoned beeped indicating I had just received a message. It was from an unknown number. I opened it up to find written...


Get ready I'll be there in under 5 mins

xox Beau-the Sexy Beast.


I chuckled at his comedic sense of humour knowing he was always like this, a dick. I ran downstairs and collided into my mum.

"Where do you think you're going dressed like this, young lady?" my mum asked me.

"Anywhere away from this dump." I said referring to our large, majestic house. You may find it wonderful but after staying in this house since birth it gets a bit claustrophobic, if you know what I mean.

"Think again. You'll be staying home for the rest of the day . Do you know how worried I was when you didn't come home after school, also what happened to you in Religious Studies? That's not how you treat someone else. Have I taught you nothing?" The words actually hurt me, but my face remained emotionless.

I replied back to my mother, "Of course you cared about me and why I didn't return hom. You cared enough not to call me and what did that excuse of a teacher tell you, hm? That as usual you're daughter disrupted the class and was answering back. Well yes I did. Maybe it's because you never payed attetion to me. First came work then Harry came along and after dad's death you've been completel ignoring me. You're my mum, you're meant to be on my side. You're meant to support me, but no. All I am to you is another problem, just a huge mistake... am I right?"











A/N: Sorry for the short chapter. I guess it's just a filler really. Anyway I hope you're enjoying this story of mine. Have a great day, or night? I don't know...






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