Long Ago **On Hold**

Hello! I am Kylie Scott. My past nightmares come back to haunt me when my daughter asks a question I was hoping would never be asked.


4. The Whole Truth


Kylie's POV


I wole up from my sleep around 10:20. I took a shower and wore a white tank top with my black, skinny jeans and white flip-flops. I left my hair to dry on its own to create a wavy effect. I go downstairs and am engulfed by the warm scent of waffles. I thought that Kacey had returned from her business trip but it turned out to be Sky. She greeted me with a stack of breakfast waffles elegantly topped with whipped cream and strawberries. "What's all this for? and why aren't you in school?" I asked

"School still hasn't identiied the gas so it's a no school day today again... and as for this" she pointed to the mouthwatering  plate of deliciousness, "It's because you deserve it and I love you." she said raising her pitch at the end. Now I know something's up.

" You seriously expect me to believe that?" I said to her, "Spill it What do you want?"

She answered back, "Yeah I wasn't buying it either."


Skylar's POV


"Yeah I wasn't buying it either." it's not htat I don't do nice things without wanting something in return, I just really wanted to know what happened between her and Luke. I tensed up a bit as I sai "The thing is, erm... I er w-wanted. I wanted to know what went on with you and Luke.


I could tell mum was a bit shocked at what I said. Who wouldn't be? After a few seconds of awkwardness mum broke the silence. "Do you really want to know the whole truth?" I nodded my head in reply as I was to excited to speak.

"Well then...."


****Flashback to Kylie's Last Year of College****


Kylie's POV


"Eugh! Logan won't quit bugging me." I said fustratedly to my best friend Kacey, "This is all your fault Kace!"

"How is that even remotely possible?" Kacey said defending herself.

"You didn't... stop me from going to the club last night."I reply trying to think of some way to blame this on Kace.Kacey laughed sarcastically.

"Puh-lease, you would have fucked him even if  we didn't go to the club."

"So what you're implying is that I'm no.1 slut between us." I question her as we walk toward our table in the canteen.

"Nooo.... what I'm implying is that you're no.1 slut throughout the entire school."

"Bitch!" I said as if I had meant it, but being me I couldn't hold it in and we both burst out laughing.


As we approached our table I sat next to Leon. Leon was my boyfriend and the captain of the soccer team. We have this love-hate, on-off and then on again relationship. You see I'm with him but then I fuck another guy. He fucks another girl. We don't speak for about two days and then we fuck each other and we're back together again. It's complicated. I don't even know what stage we're on right now. "Hey Lion." I say using his nickname and giving him a quick peck on the lips. He tries to make it last but I resist. Leon gets a bit pissed but acts like nothing happened.


"Yo Brooks, over here!" Leon yells across the canteen. 'Who's Brooks?' I think to myself. I nudge Kacey eyeing at her. She didn't know who it was either. She looked at the direction Leon was looking at, as did I. That's when our mouths fell open. A really hot boy was heading towards us. He looked older than us. I guess he had been kept back a few years. He was wearing a snapback  but from the few locks of hair coming out I could make out he had Light brown hair. It really made the green in his eyes stand out. He had plump, pink lips that looked so kissable. He was wearing a white tank top showing off her his muscular, toned arms. I wonder who he was and how he knew Leon, but from his muscles I quickly realised they were probably sports partners.




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