Long Ago **On Hold**

Hello! I am Kylie Scott. My past nightmares come back to haunt me when my daughter asks a question I was hoping would never be asked.


1. Meeting Skylar


Skylar's POV


Hi! My name is Skylar Scott, but call me Sky. I am 14 years old, just finished primary school. I have emerald eyes and thick brown curly hair - which is weird because neither my mum nor my 'dad' has curly hair. Fortunately I get told I look a lot like my mother. As for my 'dad', we don't talk about him much. He left my mum to cope by herself when she was pregnant with me. Long story short, he is pretty much a douch bag, who is afraid to take hold of responsibilty.


Ah shi-i-p, right now I am meant to be doing my homework. It's for PSHE (Personal Social Health Education). It is to find some old, baby pictures of me and make a timeline. Right now I'm in the basement of my Aunt Kacey's house. Well technically it is my house as well, when I was 2 years old mum and I used to live in our own apartment. Then when I was 5 me and mum suddenly moved in with my aunt. I've got to admit, though I remember only little fragments of the old place, I like it here better.


Anyway I'm off topic again. I'm digging through some albums when I see a dusty yet bright, violet book. The covering is made of soft velvet. In some corners the velvet is pealing off. I try to open it, only to find that it is locked. The keyhole is a heart shape. "It looks familiar. Where have I seen it before?" Then it hits me, the chain I got for my ninth birthday; it matched the key.


I quickly ran upstairs to my room. "Be careful Sky, or else you might fall... Skylar!" my mum yells as I pass her."I will..." I replied. Rummaging through my drawers, I finally find the chain. I rush downstairs whilst hitting my leg on the banister. "Fuck!" I whisper loudly to myself. Well That's going to leave a bruise. i slowly limp down to the basement and open the book I left on an old wooden chair. Reading through the first page I realized this was no ordinary book, it was a secret diary, more so it was my mums secret diary. Every secret, crush and boyfriend all in one book...well atleast from her College years. " Wow! Who knew?" I thought to myself processing each and every detail, " My mum was a slut?!"


"Skylar Marther Marie Scott. Get up here NOW!!"

Ooh the full name, get ready for trouble sky... I hide the diary in my schoolbag. "Yes mum! I'm coming!" I reply to my mothers very demanding tone whilst running back up the stairs forgetting about my bruised leg. "Yes mum?"

"What is this? I mean look at the state of this room. And how many times have I told you to fold your uniform neatly after returning from school?"

"Sorry." I mumble loud enough for her to hear.

"Come and do it now then go to bed, alright hun." mum said a little calmer. I followed my mother's instructions, completely forgetting about the diary. 15-20 minutes later my room was so organised you would have thought I had OCD.

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