Long Ago **On Hold**

Hello! I am Kylie Scott. My past nightmares come back to haunt me when my daughter asks a question I was hoping would never be asked.


2. Meet My Friends


Skylar's POV


The next day I woke up really early, around six. I had set my alarm to half seven but I guess I've had enough of sleep. I had a small shower and dried mmy hair getting it back to my former curls. I decided to surf the internet to waste some time. I went onto YouTube and watched my favourite 'group'. Notice how I didn't say 'band', well they don't call themselves a band and if I'm honest I wouldn't call them a band either. They call themselves the JANOSKIANS or DareSundays. My favourite member is Beau. He is just so hilarious and loves to live life. He has two brothers Jai and Luke. They're funny too but Luke seems like the serious one of the group - serious enough to be my dad. I went on their YouTube channel and saw they posted a new video. It was a Question and Answer. I'm not really into Q&As' but since I had time I watched it.


About two minutes into it I zoned out a bit... then I heard a familiar name. I pressed pause and rewind. Skip read out the question " Which high school crush would you go back to date and why?" First Beau answered, then James. When it came to Luke he answered "I would go back to date Kylie Scott" "Kylie Scott" "Kylie Sott..." I replayed it several times just to see if i heard the name correctly. 'Kylie Sott' was my mum's name. Maybe it was someone else. I mean ther's more than one Kylie Sott in the world, right? Plus we live half way across the world from them, how would Luke Brooks know my mum.


Just then I was given a heart attack by my alarm clock. I turned it off and shut down my laptop. I did my bed; got dressed and packed my bag when I remembered my mum's diary I'd probably go to the library and read some more later.


When I got to school I was greeted by my best friends.Meet Kelsey, she has slightly dark skin. long, black, wavy hair andthe prettiest hazel eyes her mum's from Jamiaca and her dad's from Franc so she can speak fluent French. She's a cheerleader so she interacts with the older girls in Year10 and above. Also meet Zain, He has tanned skin, dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. He's fom Pakistan and is a muslim. Me and Zain are on the football team. Me and another girl called Sapphire are the only girls on the team.


The bell rang indicating we had to go to first period. And today was Wednesday meaning I had Maths. I'm in set 3. I'm actually really good at Mathematics, always have been actually. It's just I purposely fail in my exams to get easier work. Obviously I'm gonna practice and work harder for GCSEs, but for now I am going to take the easy way out... with cutting, colouring and cutting or as I like to call them the 'Three C Yas' to Good Grades'. Atleast me and Kelsey were in the set because of my genius scheme.


When I walked into class I realised Mr.Hanslow wasn't in. I sat down beside my crush, Harry. "Hey Haz, where's sir?"

"People sayin' he left cause of last lesson." Haz replied. Oh yeah, I remember. Last week Friday period 5,  Me and Kels were singing 'Friday - Rebecca Black'. Mr. Hanslow got so peed off he stormed out the class and we all got an hour detention after school. I'm surprised no one was hating on me. " So who's our new teacher?"

"I don't know. We're ment to be finding out today.


Our new teacher was called Mr. Welsh. Surprisingly he's not Welsh, he's from Barbados. The first half hour went on with 'Getting to Know One Another'. The next 15 minutes we played some next random shi-i-p called 'Around the World'. I got out in the first round. For the last 15 minutes we were all just gossipping amongst ourself.


When the bell rang we all ran out. I went straight to the library. I got out my headphones and plugged them into my phone. I was listening to a recent song Catch Me When I Fall - Rylie Temera Kin a small artist (A/N: This is all made up). She's really good. I took out my mum's diary and and started to read. Nothing very interesting, one bit was a bit funny. Basically My mum and her Drama class were joined with a History class as her tutor wasn't in. The teacher Chinese and he was speaking about how there was a famine in China...bla, bla, bla... his parents moved to England...bla, bla, bla... My mum put her hand up and said, "Sir, I understand we're in History, but we're not here to learn about your History."


Then again the bell rang. I packed up and went off to Music. I have double Music today. Greeaatt(!) - note the sarcasm. It meant I had to spend two hours with Scarlette.You see for the last part of term we have to create a an ensemble, meaning we have to compose a piece in a given group. My group consists of me, Scarlette, Molly and Derick. Let me introduce you to them. First of all Scarlette, she's the queen bee of the hive AKA our year group. She's the leader of all things sluts. Then there is Molly, Scarlette's bitchy 'best friend', except she has a brain the size of a peanut. Lastly there's Derick, he is alright but that's not gonna last because he is a new recruit of Scarlette's group.


Scarlette is obviously the lead singer and she i also the pianist. Molly is the back up singer, Derick is on the drums and me, well i'm with my baby, the guitar. I can sing a little as well but I didn't volunteer because I don't sing in public. EVER! I think of my voice being mediocre. Plus, even if I did volunteer to be the lead singer, Scarlette would have forced me to back out.



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