Long Ago **On Hold**

Hello! I am Kylie Scott. My past nightmares come back to haunt me when my daughter asks a question I was hoping would never be asked.


6. "Late Again Scott"


Kylie's POV


I walked to my next lesson, Religous Studies. I had a teacher called Ms.Foley. I loathed her. Her and her annoying, high-pitched voice. I walked slowly knowing I was already late. I needed to go to the toilet to fix my hair and makeup first. My hair was annoying me because the curls kept brushing into my face, so I decided to put it in a high pony with my fringe hanging to the side.


I left the bathroom with my bag hanging on my left shoulder. As I entered the class all eyes were on me. "Late again Scott!" Mrs.Foley said.

"Where's my trophy?" I replied back rolling my eyes at the same time. The class started to snicker.

"Silence!" the devil turned to the class, then back to me, "And you miss are going to spend some quality time with me. Meet me at the detention block after lesson."

"Miss I understand that you wanna be as hot as moi, but I really don't think it's possible. It would take a miracle."  everyone in the class burst out laughing

"That's it GET OUT!" the class fell silent.

"No need to scream. I'm not deaf, actually I might go deaf with that irritating, shrieky voice of yours." I yelled back at her. Before I stormed out I noticed a pair of familiar auburn eyes. Luke.


I walked to the local Starbucks. I ordered a Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate with a caramel drizzled and a chocolate flake to top it all off. I sat down near the heater to get some warmth. It was winter, and I hated the cold. When I was called up for my order I decided to buy a cookie as well.


I walk into the local park on the bench, under the big, oak tree at the corner of the park. This was my favorite place and most people didn't know this area so it was quiet. Not many people see this side of me... the calm, contained and loving side. I guess I was  pretty and everyone just expected me to be the typical bitch and so I gave away. I broke my virginity when I was 14 to a senior. I was at a party  and an older guy took me upstairs, I'm not gonna lie it was an amazing feeling. At first I would get bullied for it but then the dude that broke my V-card, Louis I think his name was, stood up for me. I also got more rebellious and could stand up for myself and 3 months later that guy left for college so I was left to defend myself. I soon became the popular slut and everyone knew not to mess with me. Kacey, she knows me inside out though. Since grade 9 she is my BFF.


I took a sip of my hot beverage when I was interrupted "Hey Kylie!" I hear an unfamiliar yet familiar  voice. I turned around to see a guy running towards me in a white t-shirt. Immediately I recognized him as Luke. I waved and gave him a half smirk. He looked really fit. As he caught up to me I said, "Well hello there Mr. Luke Brooks!"

"He-  Wait. how do you know my name?" he asked. Blushing?

"Oh I know a lot about you, Mr. Brooks. Full name Luke Anthony Mark Brooks. Born 3rd May 1995 and is a twin to Jaidon Domenic Brooks." Luke's mouth fell to the floor. I smirked

"Stalker much?"

"Rude much?" I replied.

"But ho- Jai or Beau?

"You know Beau... oh right, how did I not see that. You guys do look somewhat alike and you have the same surname."

"Well done Sherlock..." he said, I was surprised at his sudden courage, "... And I'm guessing Beau told you, right?"

"I may be Sherlock but you definitely ain't, because I just told you I didn't know you and Beau were brothers." I said sticking my toungue out. Shit. What am I doing? I'm meant to be flirting with him not act like a 5 year old. He chuckled, ah what's that meant to mean... does he think I'm playful or child-like and immature? Ah, fuck it.

"So how did you get out of class so quickly?" I asked Luke.

"The teacher was stressing out and turned her back towards the class and I climbed out the window without anyone noticing."

"Naughty boy... bunking class on the first day?" I said playfully.

"Technically you're the only one bunking class because I'm already marked in." He said.

"Well played." I said appreciating his smartness. Maybe I'll use that one next time. We kept on chatting about random shit. Anything and everything that came to our minds.

"So I heard you're planning to go out with my brother tonight, is it true?" Luke asked.

"Wow,shit travels around fast. And yes I am seeing your brother tonight. Why, is wittle Lukey Pukey jealous?"

He scoffed, "Pfft, jealous my ass! I'm just sayin' watch out he's a player and I don't want things to be awkward between us..." He trailed off.

"And why would things be awkward between us? It's not like we're friends now, are we?" He looked hurt but then quickly replied,

"N-no I mean we're RS patners and I don't want anyth-" I cut him off

"I'm just jokin' Luke, yeah we are friends and don't worry about me. It's just a one night stand."

"Who said anything about being your friend?" Luke said with a grin on his face. I playfully punched him.

"Wait, soyou're not a virgin?" he said with a hint of surprise in his voice.

"Great.Now you're on my case. Are you ssaying that I'm a slut?"

"NO! No no. I'm just asking in general. How did you lose it?" He said curiosity written all over his face.

"Well, I was a typical bitch, I used to make fun of everyone and all, much like I am now. Then one day I got invited to a senior party. I went with my some 'friends'. I got really drunk and this guy in Grade10 or 11, Louis, took me upstairs and we had sex."

"How old were you?"

"I was only 14, but don't worry it wasn't against my will."

Luke's mouth dropped. "But still he should have known that it's illegal to have sex with a minor."

"I was tall for my age, he wouldn't have known.But why are you getting so defensive? You're acting like my dad would have." I said

"Would have? Does that mean he didn't know you had sex?"

"He still doesn't... he died thinking I'm still a virgin, plus this happens in so many cases, tell me if you see such hot babe like me wouldn't you want to fuck her?" Luke was blushing. Seriously, Jai was right he really needs to grow a few.

"Erm.. er I-I'm a v-vir..." now it was my turn to drop my mouth to the floor.

"You're a virgin?" I asked still unable to process the fact into my mind. I mean he's really hot and has piercings and everything, looking like a typical bad boy that your parents would want you to stay away from, but no... Luke was so innocent.

"Please don't tell anyone, I already get bullied by my brothers for it. They've had it hundreds of times and I've never had it once. They call me a 'disgrace to the family' just because of it." Luke pleaded. I was on the verge of crying because of the laughter bursting inside of me.

"Aww, Lukey..." I said pulling him into a hug, "I find that so cute. It's the typical ' I'm waiting for the right person', right?" I paused while he nodded "Don't feel ashamed, I think it really is sweet. For me, I didn't have the patience to wait for my prince charming." Luke chuckled at my remark. I looked at my Michael Kors Glitz Gold watch. "Shit it's already 6:00pm. I've got to get ready for the date with your bro, later tonight."

"Don't expect it to be much of a date!" Luke shouted back at me as I walked away from him. I just chuckled and rolled my eyes. I threw away my, now cold, hot chocolate. I took out my bus pass and sat at the bus stop. I came to school with Logan, a guy two years older than me, because he was my one night stand yesterday and I left my car at his. I'll pick it up tomorrow. I had to wait 5 minutes before the bus came.


When I walked up to my house I heard my mum yelling at my little bro. I rolled my eyes knowing he was probably annoying my mum, but we all loved him, no matter how annoying he was. I love him because, obviously because he's my brother and I have to, but also because when I get angry or I'm emotional he would usually knock on my door and come in and give me a big, sloppy kiss and a hug.



A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a long time, but the computer crashed. My mum kept asking me if I had a boyfriend. I kept refusing cause I mean... me? And a boy? In my dreams. Anyway my mum got me reallyannoyed and I hit the laptop screen and it got f***ed up. But now I hooked it up to my old TV and now I don't have to share it with my sister. WOOHOO!! ANyway, story behind this is always tell the truth and good things will come to you, unless you had sex before marriage. The HIDE. Especially if you're asian...


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