Long Ago **On Hold**

Hello! I am Kylie Scott. My past nightmares come back to haunt me when my daughter asks a question I was hoping would never be asked.


3. Is It True?


Skylar's POV


During third period Music the bell rang half way through the lesson. It meant the fire alrm went off. I thought it may have just been a fire drill but apperantly one of the Year7 students created some next up chemical substance and it created an unknown gas, so school was dismissed. Since my mum didn't know anything I went to our local library. I opened the purple book and read for a while. Then I came across a particular diary entry that interested me.


Dear diary,

Today 5 new boys started school and they are H-O-T. Hot! They seem to be bubbley and out going... and to be honest I wouldn't mind getting them in my pants.


Okay I understand my mum was slutty and all, and probably slept with all the guys in her school, but it just isn't normal to know your mother once thought about these things. I still continued to read...


Their names were Beau, James, Daniel (Skip), Luke and Jai. Beau, Luke and Jai appeared to be brothers and luke and Jai were definately twins, though you could see the difference. Jai sits next to me in Spanish and guess what... he hates it too!!


Oh My Gosh! My mum knew the JANOSKIANS!! Why wouldn't she tell me? she knows I love them. This is ground breaking news. I ran home and as I opened the door I shouted "Ma I need to talk to you."

"Upstairs, bedroom." she said in reply. I raced up to her room and kicked the door open.

"Sorry mum." I quickly said out of breath.

"Why aren't you at school? young lady?" mum asked

"Not important. Can I ask y-"

"Actually it's very important. Answer me Skylar!" mum said cutting me off mid-sentence.

" There was a gas leak so we had half day, now can I ask you a question?" I said getting impatient.

"Yes go on..."

"Is it true that you knew the JANOSKIANS and you dated Luke Brooks?"

"Noooo... where did you get that from?"

"S top trying to avoid the question mum!" Tears were forming in her eyes, a few dared to escape. Mum's silence gave me all the answers I neede but I still wanted to her the words come from her mouth. "Is it true?" I repeated.

Mum finally broke her silence, "Yes it's true..."

"What happened?" I aasked curious to find out the whole truth, "Because ass far as I know he still loves you."

"How do you know that, hmm tell me?" mum was crying, "How could you possibly know that? Because as far as I remember Luke broke up with me and when things were going so well too." My mother's eyes were full of pain and sorrow. She was flooded with tears. I could tell mum wasn't lying, but if Luke broke up with her why did he say he wanted her back?


So Many questions were ringing in my head. Nothing made any sense. Due to the situation I didn't feel hungry, so I went straight to bed after finishing off my PSHE homework.


Kylie's POV


I can't believe that happened. I never though I'd relive those mhaunting memories. After high school I burned every trace of my past I didn't leave one momentum behind not even in my mind, so how is it that my innocent daughter found out. Kacey swore not to tell. But what really strikes me is how does she know Luke still loves me. He can't, could he?
No, no, no, no, no. NO! He's famous, he could have any girl he wanted, why me? Plus he broke up with me. still I need to find out how she knows all this. Maybe I'll talk to her after school tomorrow.



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