Long Ago **On Hold**

Hello! I am Kylie Scott. My past nightmares come back to haunt me when my daughter asks a question I was hoping would never be asked.


5. Introduction Brooks Style


Kylie's POV


He sat at the table. I obseved everything he did. He swifty turned his head to Leon and opened his mouth, "Who the sluts?"

After feeling 'hurt' for a nano-second I asked Leon "Who's the geaser?"

"Ouch. Pussy's got a sharp mouth." the mysery guy replied sarcastically. What is it with everyone and their sarcasm. I can play the game too.

"Aww... did I hurt your little ego? Aww look Kace I think I hurt the wittle baby's feelings" the boy chuckled. He took out his hands and I gladly accepted it and shook it.

"I'm Beau." Beau said. Just then Leon got up and said "Well I hate to be a boozer but I gotta leave. Coach wanted a word with me." and like that he left. "Me too. See ya around Beau. See ya around slut."

"Bitch!" I answered to her comment and we both laughed, she also left. I found this the perfect oppotunity to flirt with Beau "Well I'm Kylie but you can call me through 07985667113" (A/N: again this is not real)

Beau chuckled, "I thought you already had a boyfriend..."

"Boyfriend? I don't see no boyfriend. Plus you seem way more interesting than any other dude in this school." I said with a smile lingering across my face. I got out one of my spare notebooks and wrote my address and number on a paper. Then I ripped it out and handed it to Mr.NewBoy. "How 'bout we go out to a club. My address is on the paper, pick me up at 9."

"Sure thing, hotstuff!" Beau smirked. I just rolled my eyes and smirked back.
"Anyway gotta roll, but see ya this evening." and with that I walked off.


I went to my locker to grab my books. As I closed my locker I saw a guy looking at me. I walked up to him and asked "Can I help you?" He just stood there blushing. "Hello earth to human... you with me dude?" I had to admit he was cute, cuter than Beau, this guy was taller than me, he had chocolate brown orbs and curly brown hair. He also had a lip ring, but instead of making him look like a bad boy, he looked more cute. Maybe it was because of his hair and also the clothes he was wearing. The guy was wearing Blue jeans, white fitted t-shirt and an olive beanie. Why had I not seen him before, I knew everyone in this school even the 'shruggers' as I would call them?

I waved my hand infront of him. Still nothing."Ermm.." He spoke.

"Atleast we know you can speak. What's your name?" I asked trying to strike a conversation with the unfamiliar face. Out of nowhere he turned on his heel and slowly walked away... rude much? But what could I say, I was ruder.


Suddenly the bell rang indicating lunch was over. I had Independent Studies. Independent Studies was a quiet room where, as you could tell from the name, you study independently. Although unlike all the other nerds in this school I would go on my phone and play my music and would also draw a little. There were no teachers so I thought might as well.


I walked off to the Year11 block. I sat down at my usual seat at the back near the window. Just then the door swung open. The boy I had seen in the hall way was in my class. He saw an empty space beside me and walked upto the desk. He wasn't wearing the same clothes he now had a black t-shirt with a purple hoodie, black skinnies and a white beanie. He also now had straight hair. What's going on? It's probably my imagination. He was probably wearing those clothes and I remember him in clothes that someone else was wearing. I can be such a dumb-ass sometimes.


He scanned the room as if in search of a spare seat. He scanned the back completely ignoring me. There were no seats at the back so he made his way to the front of the library. Since beanie boy over at the front ignored me I decided to ignore him too. I plugged in my headphones into my HTC One and drowned myself into a random Coldplay, getting away from this difficult world. I saw a robin sitting on a branch and decided that was my muse.






I had just finished the small details on the branch when I saw that me and the Beanie Boy were the only ones left here. I must have missed the bell whilst I was listening to my music. Seemed like the boy at the front did too. I packed up my things and went over to him. I tapped his back making him jump. He took off his earphone and turned to face me. "The bells gone. you're late for 5th period." I told him

"We're." he replied.

"Excuse me?" I asked

"We're late for 5th period."

"That's what I meant. Hey what's your name? I caught you staring at me earlier and when I asked you you're name you rudely walked off."

"I'm Jai, Jai Domenic Brooks and you've never spoken to me before. I'm new at this school. Me and my brothers and our friends got kicked out of our old school so we came here."

"But I still don't get it. I'm sure I spoke to you earlier and you were staring at me." I was completely confuse at this point.

"That must have been my great brother Luke Anthony Mark Brooks. We're twins, which really amazes me because I'm so charming and good with the ladies..." he winked at me, typical. "...whilst he needs to grow some. That's probably why he walked off when you were speaking to him. That little piece of shit!" Jai said. I laughed at the way he described his twin.

"Well talking to you was great but I gotta go to my next lesson before I get another detention." I said

"Cool, but before you go where's K2?" He asked.

"Down the hall, take a left and it's the third door to your right. Wait you have Mr.Chan right?" I asked him, he nodded, "Heads up he likes telling long, unnecessary and boring life stories. You better go because he's a real charm(!)" I said sarcastically earning a chuckle and a thanks from Jai.

















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