You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


9. Chapter 9

I snapped my eyes open as the noises downstairs continued to increase. Rubbing my eyes sleepily, I rolled out of the bed and got change. "Morning guys," I murmured and stepped into the kitchen. Louis and Liam were making their own breakfast while the others were having theirs around the kitchen table. "Morning!" Louis said cheerfully and Liam greeted me with a heart melting smile. The others were mumbling something like "good morning" as well. I sat by Niall and Liam pushed a plate full of food towards me," guess we shouldn't have stay up that late last night," he said and settled himself by the table as well. I nodded and beamed,"but the song was great." I stuffed some eggs into my mouth as a man walked in. I chocked and thought he was huge as a truck. Well at least, to me he was. "Who's that?" He asked and pointed at me. I blushed and waved my hand a little," morning. My name is Bachelor." "Paul!" Louis yelled and jumped onto the man. He laughed and patted Louis's back. I was startled by their closeness an Liam told me Paul was their body guard. I eyed the boys and Paul carefully while nibbling on my toast. Paul was fooling around with the boys as well and I knew he would be a nice person to share time with. He saw me looking and I looked away immediately, blushing. Liam helped me to explain the reason that I was with them and this time, I didn't feel awful for what had happened to me. Because somehow, I felt like I was part of this family and they accepted me. Paul said he was sorry and I shrugged. Then later Paul started to announce the boys' schedule for the day, "you boys have to take some photos for some magazine today..." The schedule went on and on and it was my turn to feel sorry for them. "Tight schedule there," I said and Niall leaned his head on my shoulder and sighed. Liam chuckled at us and I patted Niall's head. "Ok," Paul concluded," who's going to the market today. We're out of food."
"Chips,"Niall whispered dreamily and high five with Louis. Since none of the boys were volunteering, I thought I might just be a little help here," I'll go." The boys cheered and I made a face at them. Paul smiled at me and nodded in agreement. "I will drive you there then," Liam said, sipping his glass of milk. "Nah, I can go by myself." I rejected him and saw him pouting," because you're gonna attract people!" I explained quickly. "It will be alright. Between, we need chips. Like urgently," Niall  emphased his words and Harry nodded with a serious frown. I sighed and saw Liam picking up the car key from the counter. "Let's go, love," Liam said and urged me to get my bag. I was startled by his words and blushed as Liam realized his tone and message behind those words. "Erm, I mean..." Liam stumbled over his words and I found my courage to reply him," it's fine. I like how you called me." The boys whistled and cheered and I leaded Liam to leave the kitchen. On the way to the car, Liam wrapped his hand around mine and a smile was tugging at my lips.

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