You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


8. Chapter 8

We froze in place while Louis popped his head out from behind Harry," hey, aren't you the girl from the studio?"he asked with the sweetest smile I had ever seen," didn't expect you here," he added. I nodded with great difficulty as Harry widened his eyes. "Are you a secret reporter of some stupid magazine?" Harry asked and stepped forward. I shook my head quickly but he continued to ask questions. His face darkened as I continued to stay in silence. Like I was admitting I was some sort of fame seeking teen. "Who's that, Bach?" Liam called from the kitchen and Harry's head shoot up. With the stupid instinct that I had, I turned and ran. I couldn't help but yelped in fear as Harry chased after me. "Jesus, Harry!" Louis yelled and smacked his hand to his face. Harry was yelling behind me and I ignored him, focusing on finding a routine to escape. I jumped onto the sofa and Zayn snapped his eyes open immediately. He was still not over his nap so he asked in his sleepy alarm mode," Vas...vas happening?"   I heard Niall was laughing at the table with food in his mouth and I sprung around, only see Harry had held his hands out, blocking my only way to escape upstairs. "You're not going anywhere before you tell me the reason you're here," he hissed. I gulped at his facial expression as Zayn laid back onto the sofa, watching our drama with great interest. "Harry, what happened?" Liam asked as he walked out of the kitchen. Seeing our position in the living room, I saw a smile was tugging at his lips. "Nothing. Just dealing with this thief," Harry answered without taking his eyes off me. "I'm not a thief!" I yelled back. Liam took my hand and helped me to step down of the sofa and Louis joined us. "She is staying here with us...for a while," Liam answered hesitantly,looking at Harry. Niall cheered in the background while Zayn was laughing at our awkward situation. "What?why?"Harry exclaimed.
"Because of reasons," Liam avoided his stares. I didn't want Liam and Harry misunderstood each other or anything. So I took a step forward, swallowing my pride  and shame, I pulled my sleeves up, exposing my wounded and bruised arms," because of this," I said calmly but tears were walling up in my eyes. No one talked for a long while and I couldn't stand the looks on their faces so I walked to the backyard, leaving them behind. I didn't anyone to pity me. I just wanted to be normal. I sat on a bench in the big backyard and rubbed my arms as the chilly wind blew by. After a few fuzz in the living room, I heard someone opened the glass door to the backyard and joined me on the bench.
"Hey," Harry's voice appeared in the dim moonlight. I didn't answer him, "I'm really sorry for what I had said...I didn't know. I just want to protect my family," his pointed his thumb towards the boys back in the house," you know, I don't want anyone to hurt them. I guess I just didn't try to understand you and that's my fault..." Before he could apologize again, I stopped him," hey, it's fine. I forgive you. Beside, I shouldn't have called you big head. That's rude." For the first time, his grinned at me and I notice the dimples on his cheeks. I blushed and returned him with a smile," though that name really suits you," I said and pretended to be serious.
"What?"he acted angry but then we chuckled and I punched his arm playfully.
"You're a really good guy, Harry. Sorry I misunderstood you," I said after a few seconds of silence. "And you're a really nice girl! I'm really jealous of Liam," he replied. "Hey!" I protested," there's nothing between Liam and me,"
"Everyone can see Liam is really into you. And please, you should see your face whenever Liam walks in the room." I pouted and looked away. "He deserves someone better. At least not as lame as me." Harry creased his brows and gazed at me," what are you talking about? All of us love you and you're not lame! You're the coolest person I had ever met," I rolled my eyes at him and he shrugged," alright whatever. But you need to know, you're just like a sister to us. Oh well, except Liam,"
"You just chased me around the house!" I added playfully. "Brother and sister have small fight alright," I giggled and slipped my arms into his," from now on, you're my big brother and whenever you have a girlfriend, remember to bring her to me! I need to make sure she's good enough for you." He threw his head back and laughed. Later, the other boys joined us and Harry winked at me before leaving the bench and let Liam took his place. "So, you guys are good?" Liam asked worryingly. I nodded and beamed," yup and I just gained a big brother!" He chuckled and Niall brought his guitar in,"time for our little jam!" He said cheerfully and sat from across us. We were now all sitting around a fireplace right in the backyard. Niall played a few chords while Louis handed me a can of soft drinks,"I heard you that night in the studio. You sing really well!" I flushed and thanked him. The boys settled down quickly and Liam began:
Lets dance in style
Lets dance for a while
Heaven can wait we're only watching the sky
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst.
I sighed quietly and noticed how the lyrics suited out situation. Things happened and once I thought I would never be happy again. But now? It was something I never had before. Family and love. Then Harry joined in and I smiled at him. His deep voice echoed in the backyard the trees rustled with the music:
Let us die young or let us live forever
We don't have the power but we never said never
Sitting in the sand pit
Life is a short trip
The music for the sad man.
Then we all joined in:
Forever young
I wanna be forever young
Do you really want to live forever
Forever young


 *author note: I know Forever Young is a really old song from One Direction but it has a special meaning to me and I'm always amazed by its beautiful lyrics:) hope you like this chapter and the story hasn't ended yet! Can't say much about the next chapter but what is certain is, life isn't always easy for Bachelor:/ no matter how much I love the character;) thanks for the support.

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