You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


7. Chapter 7

We later stopped by a restaurant and Zayn went out to help me get some takeaway for dinner. I sat further into the seat and relaxed myself slightly before Liam opened the car door next to me and gazed down at me. I avoided his eyes and stared at Niall, who rolled his eyes at me with a smile.
"Let me have a look at your arms," Liam said without any sense of humor. His hand stretched out waiting for me to put my arm on it.
"No," I said quietly. I didn't want him to worry me or anything. He didn't say anything and Niall started to shift in his seat uneasily. Without another world, Liam took my arm and pulled up the sleeves. "Hey," I protested but didn't stop him. His jaw clenched as he checked the wounds and bruises on my arm. "I'm sorry," I said quietly. His eyes found my face and it just hurt me to see Liam like this. There was so much sorrow and pain in his eyes. "What for?" His voice was harsh and small.
"For causing so much trouble."
His eyes fixed on my face and I returned the stare. He released his hand on my arm and brushed my cheek slightly with the back of his knuckles," no you didn't. Just remember, call me and I will be there. I won't let anyone hurt you again. Not anymore." I held my breath as his fingers left my face. I nodded slowly, absorbing every words that he had said.
Later, Zayn was back with a paper bag of food. "Thanks," I  said and he smiled,"no problem." Liam took his seat and drove us to the boys' house within half an hour. I gasped in awe as I had reached the front door of the house. My eyes were wondering all over the place. I felt like I was totally out of place while I was being leased to the living room. "Treat yourself home," Liam said and handed me a glass of orange juice. I nodded and watched Zayn and Niall throwing themselves onto the sofa. I opened the bag of food and found Niall glancing at me. I chuckled and told him," why don't we share?" The house was soon filled with laughter and we had been chatting like forever. All of my trouble seemed to have flew away.
About two hour later, the door bell rang while Liam was still fixing his snack in the kitchen. I looked around and saw Zayn taking a nap and Niall busy with his TV game box. So I decided I would get the door.
"I'll get it!" I told Liam as I passed the kitchen door.
"Thanks!" He called out. My hand settled on the cold door knob and pulled open the door, only meeting eyes with the one and only Mr Big Head, Harry Styles.


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