You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


6. Chapter 6

I stumbled towards the window in my bedroom as I heard the sound of a car pulling over outside my house. I saw someone pushing open the car door and Liam stepped out, looking at my house. His eyes searching until he saw me, standing by the window. My heart pounded in joy but at the same time worry. I waved and told him to stay there, keep quiet and he nodded seriously. Seconds later, Niall and Zayn joined him as well. I didn't waste much time later, I found a bag and stuffed everything I could find in. Somehow, I had a feeling that I wouldn't be back in my bedroom for a very long time. I turned the door knob and left my bedroom behind. It was quiet in the corridor and darkness swallowed the stairs. I gulped and sneaked downstairs. Thinking it would be bloody safe, I increased my pace and jogged towards the door. "Where do you think you're going?" I snapped my head around and saw mum. "Please," I whispered and looked at her with misty eyes. My tears stained cheek still burnt from the hard slap that dad gave me. I backed off as mum was walking towards me. I could smell whiskey from her. My blood froze as she called dad to come here. Without hesitation, I ran to the door. I pulled open the front door and cried," Liam!" His eyes found me and he spread his long legs and rushed forward. I saw Niall and Zayn were standing there not sure what to do. But Suddenly, Zayn called my name and I sprung around. Dad was already next to my and had launched for me. I didn't even have time to scream before Liam pulled me back and fell onto the ground with dad on top of him. My hand covered my mouth in shock and worries. My drunk dad got Liam by his collar and I could see Liam actually could fight him off but he just didn't want to hurt my sad. Within seconds Zayn was already by our sides, pulling dad away from Liam. "Niall! Get her into the car!" Liam shouted as dad tried to punch him again. I whispered Liam's name over and over again as Niall got me by the arm and took me to the car. "Are they going to be alright?" I asked shakily, peeking at the front door over Niall's shoulder. "They will be fine. Liam can fight pretty well and Zayn is Badass," Niall's blue eyes came in sight and calmed me slightly. "They kick asses," Niall added with a nervous laugh then settled me in the car. "Sit tight. We need Togo in any minute," he said as gentle as possible tried not to scare me. My nails dug into the flesh on my laps as I watched my dad trying to fight with Liam and Zayn. I was so worried. Worried that the boys might get hurt. If they did, then it's all my fault. Maybe I shouldn't have made them come at all. I heard Niall comforting me but I was already numbed. At what looked like forever, Zayn and Liam got into the car and drive us away. My eyes focused forward because I didn't dare looking back at my parents. Gazing up slightly, I saw Liam's brown eyes peeking at me worryingly through the review mirror. And for once, I  could tell myself I was safe.
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