You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


5. Chapter 5

Taking a deep breath, I pushed open the front fore slowly. Darkness welcomed me as I stepped further into the hallway. Then suddenly, he was just standing there, waiting for me with a half empty bottle of beer in his hand. "You're late," my father said quietly. I gulped and looked at him, "I'm sorry..." The bottle of beer flew past me and smashed onto the wall behind me. The strong smell of beer was everywhere as a sob escaped my throat. "Dad! Please!" I screamed and kicked while he grabbed my wrist and started to pull my hair. I yelped in pain and begged him to stop but he was so drunk and angry. Seemed like nothing could stop him. His grip on my wrist got tighter and I saw mum peeking at us from the corner. "Mum! Help!" I cried and struggled. But got a hard slap across the face in return. In a second of scream and tears, I saw mum turned away. I bit my lower lips as my knees hit the ground. Once dad's grip loosened, I elbowed him in the stomach and ducked forward. Pushing myself up from the floor, I ran to my bedroom and locked the door. I buried my face into my hands as I let all my tears out.   It didn't even feel like home here anymore. Do I even belong to somewhere? I asked myself. My hand found my phone and I stared at my contact list. There were only three numbers. One was my home's number, one was my younger sister's who ran away from home because she was pregnant and she wanted a new home. And the last one, my eyes focuses on it as Liam's face appeared in my mind. Without hesitation, I hit Call. "Hello!" Liam's voice rang through the phone. In the background I could hear Niall's laughter and Zayn talking so I guessed they were having dinner. I took a deep breath and said,"Liam... me," I couldn't continue as a sob escaped my tightened throat again. "Bachelor, what's wrong? Tell me," he sounded so worried. Someone cares for me, I thought to myself. "Take me away,please..." I bit my tongue and stopped myself from sobbing. Liam stayed quiet and I thought he didn't want to help me. I couldn't hear Niall laughing in the background anymore and Zayn was asking Liam what's wrong. I waited and Liam replied before hanging up," On my way."
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