You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


4. Chapter 4

"Yeah right. We don't need another fan here to scream and shout about, do we?" Harry said annoyingly and started to pull Niall away.  "Wow, Harry. That was a bit rude of you," Liam said with creased brows. "And apparently, she isn't really a fan," Niall pointed out and smiles at me,"no offense," he whispered. I shrugged,"none taken." I looked at them and saw Harry was tapping his foot like he was in a hurry. Somehow, he just made me angry and I thought these boys were different from those stupid famous people. With the rage rushing over me, I stood before him and said bravely," well, you're famous doesn't make me like you any better." Harry snapped his head around and stared at me,"no one dislike me...I am the Harry Styles..."  "Mr big head." Niall grinned at me like he was watching a movie. I wanted to make a face at him so bad but I had to focus on Harry. He was getting angrier and I kind of regret about saying what I had said. I felt Liam's hand around my waist as he pulled me back next to him,"come on, Harry. She just doesn't know you. I'm sure you two will become good friends after you understand each other..." Seemed like Harry decided to ignore him as he was stepping closer and I didn't allow myself to escape or back off. "Say that again if you dare,kid." "Excuse you but I am 17 I'm just a few year younger than you, mr big head." "Still younger than me," he smirked like it was the best come back. My face flushed in anger and without thinking, I replied him,"I think you will need a bigger hat, Mr-Big-head," Niall bursted into a fist of laughter as Liam tried to separate both Harry and me. At the same time, two other boys joined us. "Vas happening?" The one with black hair said. The cheeky one started to pull Harry away.  "No you didn't!" Harry yelled like a girl and I yelled back like a kid as well," suck that up, big head!" "Ok Hazza let's just get you somewhere else," the cheeky one told Harry and winked at me before taking Harry away. The remaining four of us stood in silence for seconds. "Oh well," Liam said and I saw Niall's reddened face. We grinned then all of us giggled so hard that tears kept rolling off our cheeks. "I'm Zayn," the black hair boy said and held out his hand. I shook it gratefully and told him my name. This one isn't that bad, I thought. Liam sighed and patted Niall's back, who almost fell onto the floor for laughing too much. "Ok," Zayn clapped his hand together and asked," who want dinner?" Everyone's hands shoot up except mine. My eyes widened with fear. A lump appeared in my throat," I can't...I'm late for parents will skin me alive," I said quietly as I was imagining what was waiting for me back at home. Liam noticed my expression and held my hand worryingly,"what's wrong?" I shook my head and avoided his eyes," I...I need to go." They became quiet as they senses something was wrong. "Ok... But call me, Kay?" Liam asked. I nodded and we exchanged our phone numbers. "See ya," I mumbled and set off towards the exit. Tears began to escape my eyes as I imagined my father's fist on me.
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