You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


3. Chapter 3

"You don't talk to people, do you?" He asked.  I shrugged,"not my type of thing, I guess." The group of girls from the dressing room passed by and from the corner of my eyes I saw them giggle with all eyes on me. I pretended I didn't see anything but something inside me fell apart. Liam noticed them and creased his brows. His tall figure blocked the girls' laughter and I was grateful about that. I'm a pathetic little nothing, I scolded myself. "You know, telling people about your feelings is very important. That's how people understand each other." "No one will ever want to understand me." "I do." I stared at him in disbelief. No one had ever said that to me. I pressed down the urge to smile and looked away. No one will break my heart this time, I thought to myself, no one will disappoint me.  So I pushed every sweet thoughts off my head and tried to walk away. "No you don't," I whispered to no one in particular. "Hey, you can talk to me if you want to." His eyes were wide and I thought I could see something different and special in them. Maybe I could trust him after all... "Liam! Paul has got the van ready," someone with an Irish accent yelled and ran to us. I jumped slightly in surprise but recovered soon. Unfortunately, Liam saw my little reaction," dude you scared her," Liam complained and stepped before me, trying to block me away from this lad. "No, I'm not scared," I mumbled. I was clearly not happy with Liam's overprotective behavior. I hated it when everyone treated me as a kid. "Who's this?" The blond lad said as he tried to get past Liam with his whole attention on him. I blushed and thought, so many new friends today. "None of your business Niall. Tell Paul I will be there soon," Liam rolled his eyes and turned to me again, "let's go," he said and grabbed my hand.  "Jeeze, Liam, slow down a bit," I complained and I could see he was pretty surprised at my reaction. I turned on my heels and faces Niall," Niall, right? I'm Bachelor." He grinned and pulled me in for a bear hug. I gasped in a sharp breath," can't...breathe..." I said between breath. Niall released me at once and chuckled at my expression. "She doesn't seem like she knew anything about you, or me, or us," Niall said and Liam shrugged," I don't care." I eyed him but he told me nothing. Before I could ask any question, the curly hair boy ran towards us as well. "Guys! Where have you been?" He asked as he got closer. "Talking to a new friend,Harry," Liam grinned and said. I looked at Harry and something began to surface in my mind. Then I stared at Niall and Liam. "Holy... You guys are from the very famous band...what's the name again..." I mumbled to myself. "One direction, thank you very much," Niall said with a smile.
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