You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


16. Chapter 16

The smell of bakery welcomed me when Liam pushed open the door.
"SURPRISE!" The others jumped out from no where with party hats on them.
"Happy birthday, love," said Liam softly into my ear. Slowly my cheeks turned to a deep shade of pink and I bursted out laughing for the first time in years.
"I know the party hat is a great idea," said Harry proudly, his dimples showing. Soon, I was being pushed into the kitchen, where nineteen cupcakes with colorful frosting were lying quietly on the table.
"Oh my god," I gasped and looked at the others gratefully. It was my first proper birthday. The first and the best.
"Make a wish, love," whispered Liam next to me. Smiling rather fondly, I closed my eyes and pondered hard. My biggest wish? It was lying in my bedroom up stairs... I forced myself to think no more and snapped my eyes open, "thanks guys. You don't even know..." I trailed off but they understood.
"Aw, come on," Niall said and gave me a hug. I hugged him back tightly. He didn't know. None of them know. My biggest wish would be so daring and regretful, yet it was my dream...
Half and hour later, with a full stomach, everyone stared at the reminding lots of cupcakes.
"I give up," Zayn heaved a sigh and patted his stomach.
"You know what we should do," said Louis quietly, not meeting anyone's eyes. Then suddenly, he grabbed a cupcake with the speed of lightening and threw it straight at Harry's face, "FOOD FIGHT!"
Another cupcake flew across the kitchen and missed Louis by inches quickly. I stuffed back a scream as hard as I could and ducked as Zayn threw me one.
"That's my girlfriend!" Liam cried playfully, " you're gonna pay for this!" Another cupcake flew past.
It felt like I had just slept for a couple of hours when I woke up. Turning the alarm in my phone off, I glanced at the window. The sky was still dim and the sun still hadn't rose yet. I pushed myself up from the bed and felt the stillness of the house. Everyone was still sleeping. Quietly, I washed my face and got changed. Taking a deep breath, I looked at the stuff that I had packed yesterday. Altogether I just had a suitcase and a bag. Not too much that I had. I knew I would regret this. But I had to finish it. I had to finish my wish. And by the time I had finally finished it, I believe I could still come back...could I?
I stuffed a wrinkle map and the little safe saving my money back into my suitcase and carefully, I dragged it out of the room without making a sound.
This is it, I told myself. I fished five self made bracelets and sneaked into the boys room quietly. Putting each one o the unique bracelet on their nightstand, I took one good look at them, telling myself that I would be back, maybe years later.
At last, I pushed open the door to Liam's room. Complete darkness swallowed me as I tip toed to his nightstand. I placed the bracelet on the smooth surface along with a letter. Then leaning down, I placed my lips upon his for the last time. I wanted to remember the softness of his lips, recalling his tender voice and kiss.
That's when he started to stir.
I froze, batting my eyelashes helplessly as he rolled over and mumbled something in hai dream. "Bach...Bachelor..."
My heart leapt as my name escaped his lips. I could feel my heart pondering so hard in my chest when Liam opened his eyes sleepily, then to my greatest relief, he seemed to think I was just a dream.
"Why are you always in my dream, Bachelor?"
I liked the way he call my name.
His sleepily eyes swiped past my bag, "where are you going?"
"I'm going after my dream, Liam." My voice shook so hard that I was surprised to hear my words properly.
A gently smile lit up his face as Liam closed his eyes, " okay, but don't go too far." His voice echoed in the room. I was so sure that he thought it was just a dream, that when he woke up he could still find me, waiting for him to have breakfast.
I can still choose to stay, I told myself. Then I kneed next to the bed, determined. "Liam?"
"Don't forget me."
"I won't"
"I love you, Liam. I do, and I'm sorry."
Liam muttered something and rolled over to sleep again. A silent tear ran over my cheek as I smiled at Liam's back. "Thanks for everything," I whispered shakily, smiling through tears, "write a song about me?" My voice cracked as I tried to hug my trembling body, something I would do when my parents fought again.
Finally, I took a step away and went to the door. I took a deep breath and treasured the smell of Liam. Then, biting lips, I left the room, where my heart would stay with the love of my life. I left the house shortly after that.




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