You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


15. Chapter 15

I felt my heart race at a disturbing speed as I watched my sister Jennie approached the front door fearfully. She laid a shaky hand on the door knob carefully before looking back and glanced at me. Nodding, I let her pulled open the door.
Well, we weren't expecting that.
Instead of facing a red faced father, Louis's voice rang from the front door.
"Bach? We're here to the rescue!"
I startled and stared at Jennie's back, who was standing as still as a status. "Bach? Where are you?" Louis began to stand on tip toe and then caught sight of me. He gave me a bright beam before I returned him one. But before he could step forward, someone pushed him away. It was Liam, who's face was in a concern frown. "Bach?" His familiar voice echoed in the door way. Beaming even harder, I waved and ran to him. "God, I was so worried, Bach," Liam said in our hug, his breaths tickled my neck, " don't you do this to me again, ever."
"I'm sorry, Liam. I just wanted to come back and have a look," I mumbled quietly. When we finally broke the hug, Louis was leaning against the wall next to the emotionless Jennie, grinning and sighing at the same time," isn't this beautiful..."
When Jennie finally seemed to react to my boyfriend and Louis's presence, she started to stumble back and point at Louis with a shaky hand. "Who's this?" Liam was keeping a smile on his face but asked me in a whisper.
Straightening myself, I stood forward and held Jennie's hand in mine, "Liam, Louis, this is my sister, Jennie." The lads smiled politely and hugged Jennie one by one. I had to bite the inside of my mouth to stiff down a fit of laughter. Because Jennie was still and awkward as a twelve year old girl. She was always the one telling me to quite being so social awkward and an embarrassment but now, she had finally become the joke here. Though the lads seemed to have quite a lot of experience on meeting girls like that, in shock and motionless.
"Love, ready to go now?" Liam asked seconds later, pulling me closer to him and placed his hand on my waist. I sighed and nodded, feeling safe and proud. "Nice to meet you Jennie," Louis said with a wave.
"See ya, Jen," I beamed and together with the lads, I left the house with Jennie muttering to herself.

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