You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


14. Chapter 14

"What?" I muttered into the phone, unable to look at my sister.
"Liam want to know where his girl is," Niall said casually, I could hear Liam fighting his way to get the phone.
"Not now. Damnit," I glanced upwards and my heart skipped a beat. Jennie was now red faced, pointing at me with trembling fingers. I shook my head at her, not even sure what to tell her afterwards.
"What? You're busy? Liam, Bach is too busy to talk to you right now!" Niall called.
"No!" I panicked and told Niall my location.
"Is that one direction you're talking to?" Jennie's faint sound rang next to me but I ignored it. I heard Niall gasped behind the phone and I knew someone took the phone from Niall's hand.
"Bachelor? How can you go back there?" Liam sounded so worried that I wanted to kick my own ass for telling them I was at my old home.
"It's fine Liam. Dads not here yet."
"Jesus, so it's one direction!" Jennie yelped and Charlie was banging the table with his toys.
"Not here yet! Oh my god I'm picking you up now."
"No Liam, you don't have to!" I protested but he had already hang up on me. I swore slightly and put my phone away. Facing Jennie, I nodded at her and at once she knew what I meant and bolted up from her chair.
"Holy..." Jennie had her hand over her mouth, her little body shaking. And it suddenly occurred to me that what if she liked Liam from one direction?
"I am, um, dating Liam."
She stared right at me, didn't even bother to warn me before pulling me up and gave a tight hug.
"Oh my god you're so lucky!"
"So, you're happy for me?" I asked nervously, pulling back.
Rolling her eyes, she replied, "of course, duh!"
I beamed and hugged her, "thanks, I love you."
From the kitchen we could listen to mums television and here with Charlie playing with his toys. But it were Jennie and I sharing this perilous moment, knowing that somehow we could finally escape this home.
"I love you too bachelor, don't you dare forget that," her voice muffed on my shoulder. It was not long until we knew we had been here for too long, I had to get back to the boys' place.
"I would really miss you, little lad," I smiled at Charlie, poking his cheeks. He beamed and patted my hand.
"Be careful, Kay Bach?" Jennie asked behind me and I nodded with a sigh. I guessed we had been dragging time because it was just a second before the door bell rang.
I jumped slightly and stared at Jennie with horror, who returned the stare helplessly.
"I'm doomed," I murmured.

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