You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


13. Chapter 13

"Jennie?" I found myself looking at my younger sister who ran away with her boyfriend from home months ago because of her secret pregnancy. Without another word, she launched towards me and welcomed me with a hug. Tears were rolling in my eyes as I felt her familiar warmth. "Thank god you're alright. I came home once mum told me you have ran away from home." For a second I was just enjoying the reunion of me and my sister. But then, a question came to my mind.
"Is dad here?" I pulled back and asked carefully. Jennie shook her head and leaded me into the house.
"He's out drinking again. I guess he will be back by evening." And so I would leave before that. Suddenly, a rubber duck fell before me and I startled. "Charlie," Jennie said as she watched my expression with expectation, "come and meet your aunt Bachelor." A boy about one year old crawled towards me with a childish grin. I gasped at Jennie and bent forward to pick the baby up. "Oh Jennie, he's so cute," I said and poked Charlie's cheeks.
Chuckling with a blush, Jennie pulled me into the living room, "I know right?" My eyes found mum sitting on the sofa, eyes fixed on the television and ignoring me completely. "Hey mum," I greeted her quietly, somehow hoping she would answer me or even giving me a smile. Noticing the tense and awkward atmosphere, Jennie laughed nervous and told me to have some tea. I nodded and set Charlie on my laps as I settled myself by the table.
"So, how you've been doing? Where did you stay while you're away?"
I shrugged and played with Charlie, who was laughing for no reason at all, "friends' place."
Jennie snorted and gave me the cup of tea, "please, I know you well enough to know that you don't have any friend."
"Hey," I protested, flushing with embarrassment because what she said was true.
"So who's that you're staying with? Your boyfriend?"
And now she was just making me to blush even redder. Sighing heavily, I was ready to tell her the truth before her phone rang.
Baby you light up my world like nobody else...
My eyes widened as I recalled it was the boys' song. Jennie picked up the phone and talked for a while before putting it down again. "You like one direction?" I asked nervously. Jennie looked at me with surprise, "you know them?!"
I chocked on my tea and thought she meant if I knew them personally. But then after the fits of coughing I decided I was being silly. Jennie wouldn't have known my relationship with the boys. "Yeah, I heard of them before. Some girls talk about them all the time..."
"Oh my god, I am OBSESSED  them! Tell you what, my life goal now is to at least meet them in personal, cook for Niall, fix Zayn's hair blah blah. So many so many things!"
Holy cow, I thought and stared at my sister, who was still going on and on about her life goal. Was it really a good idea to tell her about my relationship with the boys? She might probably be crazier than she was now and asked me questions about the boys all the time. I could pretty much imagine how annoying that could be. And most important, it would surely be very hard for Jennie to accept that I was actually dating the one and only, Liam Payne.
I sighed and shook my head, finally decided that I wouldn't tell her. But that was when my phone rang and the ring tone was secretly set by Louis and Harry.
"Beep beep beep I'm a little bee," Louis's voice appeared.
"Pick me up. Pick me up. Give me your pick up line bachelor!" Harry said afterwards. What the bloody hell was he even talking about? And when the hell did they changed it? In the background I could hear Niall eating chips and me arguing with Zayn over the rules of poker. Damnit, I thought and peeked at Jennie sideway, whose mouth was hanging and looked shocked and horrified and whatever that expression meant. Great, what would be worse?


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