You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


12. Chapter 12

Days went by pretty fast and I enjoyed my time with the boys. I started to get use to their habits like usually it would be Louis who needed lots of hair spray and Zayn would be the last one to get out of bed. To show te appreciation I volunteered to do the supply run whenever they needed it.
I felt the sunlight on me and the noises downstairs woke me up by a jolt. Yawning loudly, I stretched and got out of bed. Saturday, the alarm clock on the night stand showed. A tingle of excitement peeked under my skin as I remembered it was my birthday. So I did my morning routine and rushed downstairs, hoping I could go shopping today to get myself a present. Well I didn't expect anyone to remember my birthday. "Morning, lovely," Liam said as he pulled me in to place a kiss on my cheek. "Morning," I turned and gave him a peck on his lips. "Guys, we're in the kitchen!" Harry mumbled, munching away with his breakfast. Liam chuckled and we broke away with blushes all over our cheeks. "So, what're you guys going to do today?" I asked as I settled on a chair by Zayn. I stirred my cereals and watched them watching each other. Something was going on. I glanced up at Liam, who avoided my eyes and blinked at Louis. "Helllo, I'm still here," I waved my hand a little and Zayn told me Liam had something that he wanted to tell me. "Em, we need another supply run." Never a good liar, I thought as I saw Liam's reddened face. I finished my breakfast quickly and told the boys it was fine. Anyway, I wanted to have a look at the mall. The boys seemed real thankful towards my response because Niall just volunteered to wash my dishes and they all had bright big beams on their faces on my way out. "Weirdos," I said loudly on purpose, holding down a smile as well. "Have a nice supply run," Louis said, waving at me. "Don't get lost!"Zayn added. "Don't get near guys! Or else Liam wouldn't be happy!" Harry said playfully next to Liam. I laughed and walked out of the door. It was going to be a fine day.
Once I bought everything that I needed, I left the market and went towards the mall exit. Our of my eye corners, I saw a small store selling all kinds of traveling products. Gulping silently, I walked towards the store and bought something for myself.
I was supposed to get off at this bus stop but I didn't. Instead, I waited for a few stops, got off and took another bus. It was my birthday and I thought maybe there would be some miracle, maybe my parents would change for good. My chest tightened as my house was getting in sight. Chilly wind rustled my hair as I was walking towards the front door. Was the wind trying to warn me or were the trees trying to ring the alarm by shaking their branches with the wind. I shook my clouded head as my hand searched for the door key in my bag. My heart was beating with speed and I thought maybe I should just give up on this visit. What if dad was still mad at me? Then I would be so doomed. And Liam had told me to I home early. He was worried. Worried about me. A small smile was tugging at my lips as I thought of the big warm family that I had now. My fingers wrapped around the cool metal and I fished the key put of my bag. Turning the door knob slowly, I opened the door and let what was awaiting me behind the door swallow me.


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