You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


11. Chapter 11

 I cursed under my breath and was grateful that the group of girls around me were having their backs facing Liam. I tried to shake my head slightly but he didn't get it. Liam spotted me quickly and waved his hand in the air, "Bachelor! Over here!" He held up my purse for me to see and I resisted the urge to smack my face with my hand. The girl before me widened her eyes in shock, "is that..." Then they turned and saw him. "Oh-my-god, IT'S LIAM PAYNE FROM ONE DIRECTION!" They screamed at the top of their lungs once Liam approached me. He glanced around awkwardly and tried to shush those girls. "Yeah I don't know him," I said to the girls, trying to walk away from the scene but Liam had grabbed my hand before I could walk away. "What do you mean by you don't know me?" His brows creased and I pouted. My ears hurt, I mouthed to him and he chuckled, handing me my purse. "Thank you, my hero," I said playfully and paid for my food. Liam slipped an arm around my waist and whispered, "you're welcome."  My face reddened at once but before I could say anything, one of the girl interrupted us.
"Oh my god you're so firm," she said as she had her hand placed on Liam's chest. I startled and watched Liam trying to take the hand away from his cheat without being too rude. I coughed and giggled, having to dug up for breath from the stomach pain. Liam tried to ignore me and leaded me out of the store, "you're done yet?" He asked quietly and I shut up at once. I gazed up and saw his tightened jaw, "oh god Liam please don't be angry at me...I'm sorry," I mumbled and a part if me wanted to kick my own ass so badly. If I had made him angry or hate me then I would lose the only one who had ever cared or loved me. Liam stopped walking at once and I felt my heart beating heavily in my chest. "I was just kidding!" He said cheerfully and looked at me expectantly, thought I would join him laughing. Heaving a sigh in relief, I ran my hair I through my hair and murmured, "jeeze, I thought... I thought you're going to..." Liam stared at me with a face of serious. His jaw clenched as he pulled me close and embraced me, " I'm sorry bachelor. I shouldn't have made a joke like that.  That's terrible."
"No, it's just..." I tried to protest because I hated to make Liam feel bad but my throat felt tight and I couldn't continue.
"Hey, hey it's okay," he said as he placed his chin on top if my head and we just stood in the parking lot like that, quiet and peaceful, "I will never, ever hurt you or leave you. Because I have promised you, remember? I will never break a promise. And god knows how long have I been prayer to find a girl like you."
I smiled sweetly and buried my ace into his chest, filled my lungs with the scent of Liam, wanting to remember this moment forever. Liam sighed in comfort and held me closer, I guess both of us would do anything, anything to lock this memory into our hearts. If only we could be like this forever, like the diamond in sun and the waves at sea. If only.


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