You Were Mine - Liam Payne -


10. Chapter 10

It took us no time to arrive at the market and Liam pulled the car into the parking lot. "Please Liam, just let me go alone. I can buy things myself," I pleaded. I seriously didn't want any fangirl problem today. He sighed and nodded in agreement and so I hopped out of the car happily, waving him goodbye.  On the way to the snacks section in the market, a group of girls were standing in front of a magazine rack. My curious side got to me and I stepped closer to have a look. They were discussing something loudly and I could see they were real excited. Peeking carefully, I saw the whole rack were full of magazines with the boys' faces on them. "Jeeze," I murmured unbelievably. One of the girl turned around and saw me, "oh my god, I'm so excited!" She told me and I nodded weakly. Well, I didn't expect One Direction would be THAT famous. I blushed as the girls surrounded me and fangirled themselves. Should I fangirl with them as well or should I just walk away? "Louis is so sassy!" "I know right? And look at Liam!"  A girl squeaked and a small smile was tugging at my lips. If they knew, Liam was a real sweet heart. Just as the girls were chatting again, my phone rang and it was Liam. "Honey you left your purse in the car," Liam said worryingly. I startled and stared back at the group of girls. Apparently they ignored me and so I sighed in relieved  and told him I would walk back to his car to get my purse. "Oh no. I will come and find you babe." Of course ,I panicked. But before I could say anything , he had already hung up the phone. "Damn," I cursed and tried to back off from the group of girls in front of me. "Where ya going? " then they pulled me back and showed me the newest magazine about one Direction. "I know quite a lot about them, you know. I really need to go..." I struggled slightly, trying to be not too rude. Just as I thought I was almost out of their grasp, Liam came into sight.

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