Flicker & Burn

Alex- That's what I called myself, despite the fact that it wasn't my name. I'm not from here; I'm from a distant planet with a name that humans were incapable of pronouncing. My human 'guide' was killed at the hands of the alshirians- the ones that killed my planet. His last words were "find him," referring to the only other survivor of our planet. I will find him, and avenge David's death if it's the last thing I do. (First draft, read at your own risk.) copyright (c) 2013 of MyUsername.


2. creepy smiles, more fire, and some pretty traumatized bookworms.

The dusty old sheets were wet with a mixture of sweat and tears.

"Find him." David had said. Him. The only other survivor. I felt like I owed it to David; maybe if I found this person, I could finally avenge his death. I was going to find him, I decided, and nothing would stop me.

I decided the internet was the best place to start. 

I arrived in front of the library just an hour before closing time. 

The librarian didn't bother to glance up from her magazine as I passed. I made a beeline for computers. Halfway there, a hand clamped on my shoulder.

"Nice hair." Someone said. "I've only seen that on one person before."

I turned around, and my eyes widened in shock. It was one of them. They'd finally found me. 

"The way the white fades into such a brilliant red- Looks familiar." it continued.

It looked just like a normal boy, around my age maybe, but if I looked into it's eyes, I could see the real demon inside. It smirked, knowing I'd recognized it, probably expecting me to faint in terror. But I wasn't one to be afraid; I was one to be angry. The flames started on my hands, and spread to my fingertips, encasing my clenched fists in fire. The old librarian finally looks up from her magazine and screamed, catching the attention of the other few people milling about the bookshelves. 

The soulless monster lost his smirk, but still stood, unafraid. The fire spread even further, creeping up my arm, until it reached my elbow. A smoke detector went off, as people gaped. I didn't notice. 

"Any... Last... Words?" I said, icily calm.

It simply shrugged, "Last words are overrated." 

I took that as my cue to attack. 

As it turned out, its clothes were extremely flammable. It took one touch and it was lit up like a torch. 

The horrifying part was that it didn't scream; It smiled, as if it enjoyed the feeling.

Unable to watch, I fled towards the entrance, and broke into daylight. 

I heard the wails of police cars aproaching. Within an instant, the parking lot was filled with them, granting me no escape.

Funny, I hadn't seen anyone call the cops. How could they get here so fast?

Maybe that's because thy weren't the cops.

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