Unloved Summers

Something always happens to Claira's heart when she meets Oliver again for the summer. She loves him.
But she doesn't exist in Oliver's eyes, and that's how it's always been. He helps her heart just as much as he breaks it.
But what happens when he moves in with her and her grandparents? What then?
(I'm terrible at introductions, read to find out more!♥)


1. Prologue

I always loved going to Newport, Oregon for the summer. It was something completely different from LA, where I'm from.

My friends all thought I was insane, who wouldn't want to spend summer in sunny LA? But no one knew, or would even understand.
They didn't know how it felt.

I was in love.

No, not puppy love... No, not high school mushy love. Real, honest to god, love.


That was his name. When I thought it in my head, it sent shocks through my body.

It was a rare thing to come by love at such a 17. I knew that. But I had realized I loved him a long time ago.

I knew people would look down on me, or call me crazy for thinking I was in love with someone who didn't even know me. Who I didn't know. But I knew myself, and I knew this is what love feels like. I hadn't told a soul.

I only ever saw Oliver during the summers at Newport. You can understand now why I love going there so much. 
I was 10 when he moved in, during that summer. He has lived there ever since. Right across the street from my grandparents. 

I never spoke to him, he never spoke a word to me. But that never mattered.

I looked around the cramped airplane at all the faces. Could you tell when someone loved? I had no clue.

I looked down at my outfit and frowned. Thank god Oliver was still in school are a few days or so, they always got out later than us. He wouldn't have to see me look so terrible. My heart ached slightly. It didn't matter what I looked like to him. I didn't exist in his eyes. I realized that long ago.

"We are arriving in Portland, Oregon. Please keeps your seat belts on until told otherwise. Thank you for flying with Alaska Airlines. We hope to see you again, very soon." Said the flight attendant over the speaker.

A shiver rushed through my body. This was it. I would be able to see Oliver for a few months again, and I sighed inwardly in relief. It was enough, just seeing him.

I knew how every summer worked. I would love him. He would be oblivious towards me. 
This was how every summer started, and sadly I knew how it would end...


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