Unloved Summers

Something always happens to Claira's heart when she meets Oliver again for the summer. She loves him.
But she doesn't exist in Oliver's eyes, and that's how it's always been. He helps her heart just as much as he breaks it.
But what happens when he moves in with her and her grandparents? What then?
(I'm terrible at introductions, read to find out more!♥)


3. Chapter 2

Newport was nothing like California. Actually, the northwest didn't even compare. Oregon had beautiful scenery, but it was a cold place to live. I wasn't used to the rain, I rarely ever saw it. I always packed as if it was winter when I came up here.
It had only been a day since the incident with Oliver, and I still couldn't stop thinking about it. But he had been gone the rest of the day, and my confidence about talking to him wore off by dinner. I didn't look at him.

I listened to the sound the rain made on the roof. It was beautiful, but a reminder that no one had a car that could drive me to my little summer job at the library.
I had started working there two years ago, since the owner noticed that I rarely ever left the place. I smiled as I thought of Laura. She was the coolest lady in Newport, not to mention I was extremely jealous of her beautiful afro. Blonde hair was cool, but nothing like those brown curls she had.

I headed to the living room, and sat down on the sofa right in front of the window. It was cozy, with a book to read and green tea to drink. I would figure out how to get to work sooner or later...

I looked up to see Oliver leaning against the wall and my heart skipped a beat.
"It's Claira." I frowned.
"You don't like nicknames?" He cocked his head to the side curiously.
"Only my friends call me that."
He ignored me completely. "What are you reading?"
"To Kill a Mockingbird."
"Really? You seemed more like a Jane Austen fan? Or maybe Nicholas Sparks?"
This caught my interest. "You read those kind of stories?..."
"Well I wouldn't know the authors if I didn't read. I like the classics, they are more real. But its a secret, don't tell anyone." He said, heading over to the couch and sitting next to me.
I frowned, "Who would I tell? It's not like I know anyone... It's a cruel reminder of the lack of cars available to me..." I glanced out the window. The rain seemed to be only getting worse.
"You need a car? You actually leave to go places?"
"Yes, actually. As 'crazy' as that is." I glared at him. 
He smirked and cocked his head to the side again. I didn't think anyone could be that beautiful without even trying.
"So where do you need to go?"
"The library."
"To get more books that I'm sure you've read before." He laughed.
"I work there, stupid." My anger surprised me. His eyebrows shot up, he must have been surprised too. "Sorry, you just push my buttons easily..."
"It's alright, I like when you talk better." He smirked and my heart fluttered. "So you needa a ride?" He continued.
I bit my lip. I was too pathetic. "...Yes" 
"I have a car!" He smiled proudly, showing his wonderfully straight teeth.
I looked at the time, it was getting awfully close to the time where I'd be late. "I think I need to leave now then... If you're sure you want to drive me."
"I've got time, lets go."

Oliver had a really nice house. It had always confused me how my grandparents ended up in such a wealthy neighborhood, but then again their house was here before all these nice ones.

We headed across the street in a hurry and up to the gate that ran around the whole property. I could only stare. What would it be like to have this kind of lifestyle?
Oliver typed in a passcode and the gates creaked open.
"Come on." He gestured up the walk, "Ladies first." 
"Thanks..." I smiled shyly. The rain had almost soaked my clothes.
I was going to be in Oliver's house. Even if it was only for a few minutes.

"Alright, pick one!" He threw his arms around a garage that was probably bigger than gramma's house.
There were SO many cars. I couldn't even wrap my head around them all. But I tried to make it look like I knew what I was doing.
I walked through the cars, and glanced up at Oliver. He was just staring at me. Probably waiting for my choice.
"Uhmmm... That one." I pointed a small red vintage looking one.
He let out a whistle, "Well you have nice taste. A '63 porsche. Nice choice indeed." He laughed.

The rain was beating down of the roof of the car. Thank god it had heat. I was shivering like mad due to my clothes being wet. 
"Hey I have a sweatshirt in the back if you're that cold..." Oliver glanced at me from the corner of his eye. His eyes held no expression but his voice was sincere.
"Are you sure?..."
"Yeah, absolutely. It's old anyway." He shrugged.
I took the sweatshirt from the backseat. It had Seaside, Oregon plastered all over it. I raised my eyebrows in question.
"I like to surf."
"They don't have decent waves here." I scoffed.
"You-You surf?"'
"Wow" He smirked at me.
The sweatshirt smelled like Axe soap, a little sweat, and boy. I hoped he'd forget about letting me barrow it, because I never wanted to give it back.

The library was old, probably the original. I was absolutely in love with it.
It was the place I could hide away from everyone. I had no friends here, so it was nice to at least have somewhere to go besides the beach.
"Here we are." Oliver pulled up to the front just beside the doors. 
I bit my lip and looked down. It was weird being in a car with him, but I didn't want to leave. "Thanks." I glanced up. Again he was a foot taller than me, and in this moment I was fully aware of that.
"No problem." He flashed me a smile. "I was wondering if you'd mind me coming in. I've actually never been here." He looked past me towards the library.
My heartbeat quickened, "Uhm, you said you read a lot..."
He looked at me again and smirked. "You need to come see my library someday."

I got out of the car, and headed up the stairs. I heard Oliver park, get out, and close the door behind him. A shiver ran down my spine as I heard him approach me from behind. Oh how I wished he'd put an arm around my waist...
The library was warm and welcoming, like always.

Laura popped up from behind the counter. "Claire! There you are, I was worried. You've never been late. And this rain too! Ugh I was about to call your grandma!" 
"So she's a friend? Since she called you by your nickname."
"Who's this, Claira? A friend?" Laura raised her eyebrows at Oliver.
"Laura, I'm ok. This is Oliver. He drove me here, since it was raining pretty bad. And no Oliver's a..." I glanced up at him, he was curiously looking a me, "A guy who is staying with us." I  finished.
"Well whoever he is, he better not bug you. You have a lot of holds to take care of. Alright?" Her face was stern, but her voice was filled with laughter. 
She knew that I was caught up on someone over the past two years of working here, she just didn't know who exactly. She was probably putting two and two together...
"I'll be the perfect gentleman, miss librarian." He took a slight bow and walked off towards the nonfiction section.

It was torture working while knowing Oliver was somewhere in the library. He had made good on his promise. He didn't bug me, and that was really irritating. 
"So... That's him." Laura came into the back where I was working.
I looked down and blushed.
"I knew there was someone! All those times I asked and you refused! I just knew it!" She clapped her hands and danced around.
"Ok! Shhhh, Laura! He'll hear!" I took her shoulders and tried to make her stop.
"Ok, ok. He's cute you know. Gorgeous eyes! Good luck." She wiggled her eyebrows and walked out. I knew this wasn't the end of questions unfortunately.

"I'm done... If you are..." I said quietly. Oliver was obviously very into a book. Whatever it was.
He looked up at me and smiled. "Yeah, I'm ready. I got this cool library card. I'm checking out a few things actually. I think I'll be a regular here from now on." He grinned. I almost laughed because of how cute he was being.
"What are you reading there?" I pointed to the book in his hand.
"Hmm... The Autobiography of Seabiscuit." 
This time I did laugh. So hard. I laughed probably for 5 minutes. And even then I was trying unsuccessfully to stop my giggles.
Oliver only stared and smirked.
"Are... You serious?" I finally said.
"It was really inspirational."

It was late when we got back. My grandparents were finally home from work and probably getting dinner ready.
"Thanks for the ride, Oliver. And staying around till I was done..." I said before he disappeared into his room.
He looked up and smiled lightly. "No problem. I enjoyed today. I should say thanks to you." He went in the room and closed the door.
My heart ached the moment he was gone. I never knew what it was like for him to speak to me. I couldn't even imagine myself not hearing his voice anymore. I didn't think it was possible for my love for him to grow, but here is was, doing just that.

Maybe my summer wouldn't be that bad... But it was going to be so hard to leave him here...


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