Unloved Summers

Something always happens to Claira's heart when she meets Oliver again for the summer. She loves him.
But she doesn't exist in Oliver's eyes, and that's how it's always been. He helps her heart just as much as he breaks it.
But what happens when he moves in with her and her grandparents? What then?
(I'm terrible at introductions, read to find out more!♥)


2. Chapter 1

My grandmothers house had always been kept up. It was a light green color, with a white fence bordering the yellowing lawn probably do to lack of water and too much sun. The best thing about it was the closeness to the ocean. It made me feel like a was home somehow.

I walked in the house, my grandpa following behind carrying my luggage.

I smelled the sweet smell of homemade pot roast and my stomach immediately growled.

"Claira! Honey! You look so grown up!" My grandmother rushed in the living room and wrapped her arms around me. I wasn't tall, but she was so short that it made me feel that way.

"Gramma! I've missed you guys so much!" I gestured toward my grandpa to join the hug, and he finally did.

I really had missed them. They were my favorite, and always made me feel special. Maybe it was something about being the only child and them having no other grandchildren, but I was grateful none the less.

After some minutes of hugging and chatting up just a bit we broke apart.

"Dinner will be done in about two hours, why don't you go get some rest and I'll wake you when it done." My grandma shooed me into my makeshift room for the summer. The one I had always had. I looked around and saw some very young toys that I had played with as a child. I smiled and rolled my eyes. They were always the sweetest.

I put my things away and happily laid down in bed. I turned to look out the window. Oliver's house. Again my chest fluttered, this time a bit more than the last. I never could imagine seeing him until it happened. It wasn't that I could forget what he looked like, more the fact that it had been a year. My eyes slipped shut as I started to dream about Oliver. Like I did most every night.

The was a loud knock at the door, and I shot right up. Neither grandparent had ever woken me up so suddenly. It wasn't that I was complained, just confused, and still half asleep I assumed. I rose and put a sweatshirt on. It was so much colder here, even in the summer. Plus I wasn't wearing a bra, even if they were my grandparents I still had manners and would prefer to still be an innocent 5 yr. old in their eyes.

"Claira! Dinner, come on!" My grandma. That impatient woman I laughed to myself. She had so much spunk just like my mother. Unfortunately I was just like my dad.

I sat down in my usually spot.

I looked around at the food on the table as my stomach growled again.

"Grandpa, there are four plates set, do we have a guest?" I had suddenly become very aware of the like of a bra...

"Yeah, actually." I stared up, and my heart almost leaped out of my chest.


I had to stop my mouth from dropping open. Even then it was very difficult. My brain wasn't really working properly at the moment.

I only stared as he sat in the chair across from mine. God how could anyone be that gorgeous. I just couldn't believe it.

My grandmother came into the room holding the dish full of pot roast. I looked at it and my stomach had a spark of nausea. Suddenly I wasn't that hungry anymore...

"Oh Claira, I forgot to tell you! Oliver would be over for dinner." She laughed as if it wasn't even a big deal!

In her defense I had never told her my feelings for Oliver. I hadn't told anyone for that matter. How embarrassing would it be to confess that I loved someone who had no idea who I was? On top of all that, I wasn't even wearing a bra! It hadn't seemed like a big deal before, but I wasn't going to make that mistake again.

I barely touched my food, partly because of shock, but mostly because Oliver wouldn't even acknowledge me. It hurt me to the core. I barely could take a normal breath when I was this close to him. Never had I been this close. His nutmeg brown hair shown under the dining table light. He was always dressed so wonderfully. I could see the faint veins along his hands escape under his shirtsleeve. But the thing I couldn't stop staring at was his amazingly beautiful eyes. They were the things that had caught my attention when I had first saw him, even if I didn't know I'd eventually fall for him. They were blue, if you wanted to put in simply. They shined so bright, and vibrantly. It was amazing to watch when the light caught them at a certain angle. I could watch him all day...

"Earth to Claira..." My grandpa waved a hand in front of my face. 
"I'm-I'm sorry what?" I focused my eyes and now saw that Oliver was staring at me. Along with the rest of the table. They had obviously asked a question.

My grandma chuckled, "She a funny one, isn't she Oliver? Always daydreams!"

"Gramma!" I looked nervously at Oliver who only gave my a slight smirk. My heart just about stopped. "That's not true, I'm sorry, what did you ask?"

"Oliver was just saying how he was really happy school is out. He can finally take a break from sports. I told him you feel the same, but because of you maintaining that 4.0 of yours!" My grandma beamed.

I felt like I'd shrunk about 5 ft. into my chair. My grandma trying to brag about me to Oliver! Could this get any worse?

"So you have good grades then?" Oliver's attention turned towards me just then. His voice sounds like velvet. It was trouble not closing my eyes and leaning into it. 

"Um... Well... Yes..." Oh my god. My first words ever spoken to him, and that was it?

"That's cool." He hadn't seemed to notice my slip up, which was a relief to me.

"You must miss your parents, don't you Oliver?" I had almost spoken, until his name was said by my grandpa.

Oliver's parents?

"Yeah, actually. But staying with you guys have been really cool. Thanks."

"Wait, what?..." I squeaked. 
He smirked again, this time bigger.

"Oh no..." My grandma smacked her hand to her forehead. "I forgot to tell you didn't I? Oliver's parents are on a summer long trip. He's staying with us until the summer is over! Like you! You two will get along great, since you've known each other for so long!" My grandma smiled proudly, as if she had the whole world figured out.

This time my mouth did drop. And so did my heart.

I looked over to see Oliver staring at at me curiously, trying unsuccessfully not to laugh. I almost glared at him. But we weren't that close to mess around with each other... I had no idea was going on.

"That's... That's... awesome." I concluded. 
It was anything but. I was going to die of embarrassment before the summer was over.

Sadly in the back of my head I was all giddy. I was going to be sleeping under the same roof as the boy I fell in love with.


I slowly opened the door.
Since Oliver officially had moved in for the summer a week ago he always used up all the shower water in the morning. Somehow he got up before the sun rose and wasted it all. Not today.

I looked down at myself, I only wore a towel. I didn't see him, there was no glow from under his bedroom door. Now was my chance!

I stepped quickly toward the bathroom, and finally was able to take a hot shower. I was going to use up all the water, just so he knew what it felt like and maybe wouldn't do it again.

It was still so shocking that the boy I loved lived here with me. My heart sank however, he never talked to me, I never caught him staring at me like the movies always showed.
I supposed it had only been a week. But he was rarely ever around, and when he was he was in his bedroom. Door locked none the less. 
My grandparents didn't mind, maybe that's how Oliver acted all the time. I knew he had friends, so it wasn't like he was antisocial...

Again my heart ached. He never once had invited me along, I didn't have any friends in Newport. I obviously wasn't from around here. I had always dreamed of this kind of things happening, just like in fairytales. The boy would show the girl around his town, and they would fall in love while that happened. 
That didn't seem to be happening with me, Oliver was so strange. 

I hopped out and dried my hair. There was still an hour till the sun would come up, so I didn't need to look presentable for quite awhile. 
I opened the door and ran into the figure in front of me. 


"You're up early." Is all he said. He was a good foot taller than me, he was staring down at me curiously. We were so close that I could feel the cool air radiating from his bare chest. I shivered against him, I only hoped he couldn't notice his effect on me.

"Uhm..." I looked down at myself, in my towel, and my cheeks began to burn furiously.

He smirked at this, "You didn't use all the water did you? I was gonna take a shower."

I frowned, "Actually yes, I did. Since you seem to do the same thing. It sucks doesn't it?"

"I think that's the most I've ever heard you speak. I should get you angry more often." He smiled. The low light had nothing on his eyes, somehow they always found a light to glint off of. My heart melted.

"Don't think I'm not scary when I'm mad, you'd be surprised." 

He chuckled, "Absolutely. You are terrifying. All 5 ft. of you."

"I'm 5'1 thank you!" I started to glare at him, which took effort. However he was making fun of me, that wasn't cool.

He looked me up and down, and I became very aware of the lack of clothes I was wearing. I blushed, as much as I tried not to. We were both not wearing very much clothes. I couldn't help imagining how it would be if I was able to kiss him right then.

"You're also naked. You should go get clothes on." He smirked. 

"Yeah.. good idea." I brushed past him, and could feel his eyes burn into the back of me.

Was this how it felt to talk to him? Would my pulse always start to quicken, would my heart? Would my face always turn tomato red? I was such a mess around him, and he seemed to completely blow me off.

I shut the door behind me and slid down the door. This was going to be a very long summer...

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