Dream Girl

Louis has been having a nightmare. The same one over and over.
What does this mean? Should he ignore it or should he try to find out what and why its happening?
Can Louis help or will it be all to late?


1. The dream

I saw her, her deep hazel eyes staring deep into my own. Tears spilling down her cheeks as she spun around, her long brunette hair whipped the air, then falling across her right shoulder. All too soon she disappeared around the corner, I tried running after her but my legs were frozen. 
My eyes fluttered open, searching my surroundings. I was in bed my blanket screwed up on the floor. 
Why do I continue to have this dream, it's always the same girl. Red flushed cheeks and crying. 
Who was she? Was she okay? 
I swung my legs out of bed, my cold toes sinking as they met the soft carpet. 
I went down stairs and was greeted by the familiar mop of curly hair.
"Good morning Boo Bear!" He sang embracing me in a hug. 
"Good morning Hazza." I replied, my mind wondering.
"What's wrong Lou?" Harry asked snapping me from my thoughts. 
"Oh, um nothing. Just sleepy." I sent him a weak smile, as per usual he saw straight through it. 
"Was it the dream? " He asked, Harry was the only one I had told. "Louis?" I nodded my reply and Harry sighed. "It will be fine, I'm sure of it." He smiled in an attempt of cheering me up. 
"Yeah. Hopefully." I answered. Sending back a very unconvincing smile. 
"Now are you hungry? I made you and the boys some pancakes." He said changing the subject. 
Just then a tired looking Niall entered the kitchen. 
"I smell food." He said rubbing his eyes, walking towards Harry who was standing over the plate of pancakes serving himself some. 
Niall grabbed two stuffing them into his mouth. 
 "Yum! They taste amazing Harry!" His words were all muffled because of the food and little bits of pancake would be spat out now and then. I laughed at him put some pancakes on my plate and sat down on the couch with Liam and Zayn. 
"Hey Lou." They greeted. 
"Hey boys." I smiled. 
I looked down to the pancakes on my lap, I really wasn't hungry at all, actually I felt a little sick to the stomach. I was far to worried to eat. I really wanted to know if this girl was okay or if she needed help. What if she isn't okay? What if she needs my help? If I don't help her it will be all my fault if she gets hurt because I should have helped her earlier. 
I just have the worst gut feeling and I don't know what I should do.
"Louis?" I was snapped from my thoughts for the second time today. 
"Sorry, what?" I asked looking to each of the boys, everyone was now seated in the lounge. 
"We were thinking of going clubbing tonight because you seem like you need to be cheered up." Liam said. 
"Oh, no I'm fine boys but you can. I'll just stay ho-" Harry cut me off.
"Louis you are coming. The boys are right, you need some cheering up!" He said, his face serious. 
"Fine." I wasn't in the mood to argue against him.  


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