Dream Girl

Louis has been having a nightmare. The same one over and over.
What does this mean? Should he ignore it or should he try to find out what and why its happening?
Can Louis help or will it be all to late?


5. The Date

 I climbed into my car ready to go pick her up from her apartment. I opened up the text she sent me that gave directions to her place. I followed them exactly and stopped in front of the apartment. Getting out of my car I quickly ran my fingers through my quiff and pushing back a strand of hair.

Nervously I walked up the cement driveway and up on the porch. Lightly knocking three times, then stepping back and waiting for someone to come to the door. 
The door slowly opened. 
"What do you want?"  A young boy that looked about 10 spat.
"I'm was looking for a Tully Robinso-" 
"Louis!" Someone shouted to the right of me. I looked over to the following house on the street and there she stood. She was wearing a beautiful sky blue dress that stopped about mid-thigh. Her long brown hair perfectly curled, she was gorgeous. 
"Oi mate. You can fuck off now hey? Tully lives over there!" The boy shouted snapping me back to reality. And slamming the door closed. Wow, how rude! I thought to myself walking down the stairs and along the pavement where I met Tully standing at the end of her driveway in hysterical laughter. 
"What?" I asked curious of what was so funny. 
"I see you made a friend." She said pointing towards the window of the house I just came from. 
I turned around to see the little boy I was talking to less than 30 seconds ago sitting behind the curtain of the window pulling faces at me. 
"Yeah best of friends we are." I said laughing with her. 

Tully's P.O.V

Louis took me to the nicest restaurant, we had our own private room and all. He was really sweet I liked him a lot, I don't know how much yet though but I did like him. 
His eyes sparkled in the dimly lit park. One small strand of his hair escaping his quiff. He was dressed in some nice jeans, white top with a suit jacket over the top. He had nice dress sense for a guy and that made him even more attractive. 
He caught me staring at him and a smirk formed on his lips as he turned to look at me.
"What?" I said, turning away as my cheeks turned a deep shade of red. 
"Hey you were the one staring at me, love." He chuckled. 
I looked up to the sky, looking at all the stars twinkling. 
"Beautiful." Louis said. 
"It really is." I said smiling as I looked back down at him. 
"I was talking about you." he replied quickly. A smile played on his lips as he came closer. 
His breath hot on my face. I raised my hands so they were on his chest as his lips hovered over my own. I slowly kicked my heals off one at a time, our lips almost touching. I flirtatiously pushed him back picked up my shoes and ran away from him. I looked back to see Louis hot on my heals but not quite close enough to get me. I looked around for somewhere to hide and soon enough I spotted a water fountain in the middle of the park. 
Just as I reached the water fountain I looked back. No one. Where did he go?
I crouched down anyway and backed up a little. 
"AGGHHHH!" I screamed as Louis fell over laughing. "Omigod Louis! You scared the shit out of me!" I yelled. He didn't reply he continued laughing. I jumped up and pinned him to the ground by his wrists and sat on his stomach. He almost immediately stopped laughing.
"You're going to regret that." I whispered in his ear. 
"Will I?" He answered smirking. 
I trailed his jaw line slowly with my bottom lip ever so softly. As a soft moan left his lips I began to move down his neck and going across his collar bones. He let out another moan only this one a little louder. 
I began to hover my lips above his. Allowing my lip to touch his softly.  
"Okay. Okay! I'm sorry." He surrendered. "Kiss me?" He whispered lightly. 
I leaned in a little our lips nearly meeting but I pulled my head away as he went in. 
Louis let out a loud sigh of frustration.
"Ice Cream time!" I yelled like a child. 
We walked to the nearest Ice Cream Parlour and ordered two chocolate Ice Creams. 
"Hey you are yet to prove you're apart of One Direction." I stated. 
"Well how about tomorrow, the boys and I have to record a few verses, you should come along. I'll text you tonight or sometime and I'll tell you when I'll pick you up." He asked. 
"Sounds like a plan!" I replied smiling. 
"Louis?" I voice called. We both looked over to see a skinny figure in a short cut dress. Dirty blonde shoulder length hair. 
"Hannah?" Louis called back. 
She ran up embracing him in a hug. Jealously washed through me, I don't even understand why. 
Louis pulled away and took a step back. 
"And who is that?" She basically spat. 
"This is Tully, Tully this is Hannah." Louis introduced. "It's been nice seeing you but I have to drop Tully home now. Bye Hannah." Louis exclaimed bluntly. 
"Oh okay, bye Lou." She beamed, kissing him on the cheek and clearly hugging him longer than she should have. "Bye Tully." She sent me a fowl look and I just looked away. "I'll see you later than Lou." She sent him a wink as she walked away. 
"What was all that about?" He asked me.Why is he asking me that? I should be the one asking! 'I'll see you later Lou.' With a wink, who was this girl? But I kept it to myself because I didn't want to cause any drama.
"What was what?" I asked. 
"The looks you were giving each other." He pressed. 
I shrugged and got into Louis car. 

We pulled up in my driveway. 
"I had fun tonight, thank you Louis." 
"Me too. I'll text you the time as soon a I know okay." He promised. 
"Okay." I smiled picking up my handbag. 
Louis began to lean over and I could see were this was going. I pecked him on the cheek and got out of the car. 
"Goodnight Louis." I said smiling. He seemed a little disappointed with just a peck on the cheek but he said goodnight as I closed the car door. 
I unlocked the apartment and walked it, I ran to the window and peaked through, he had his head down on the steering wheel before he looked up and over to where I was. I childishly dived to the ground hoping he wouldn't notice. 
My phone buzzed from in my pocket. I pulled it out and read the text. 
I see you watching me, love. Didn't hurt yourself when you fell to the floor did you? ;) x

I moved the curtain to see him waving, I waved back and watched as he drove off. 
He really was perfect. 





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