Dream Girl

Louis has been having a nightmare. The same one over and over.
What does this mean? Should he ignore it or should he try to find out what and why its happening?
Can Louis help or will it be all to late?


8. Pizza Boy

I finished the end of my Toy story as Zoe barged into my room. Oh yeah, forgot to mention her oops. Zoe and myself share the apartment she's my best friend.
"Tull, what do-" She stopped mid sentence her hand still holding onto the door handle. "Tull, babe you look terrible. What happened love?" If you hadn't noticed, she doesn't hesitate to say what she's thinking.
"I er." I wiped the tear off my cheek. 
"Was it Louis!? Did he hurt you? Oh my god that jerk!" Zoe Shrieked "He's still super attractive though!" She added. 
"No no. I-It wasn't Lou." I sniffled. 
"Then who?" She asked confused sitting at the bottom of my bed, her eyes still watching me. 
"Someone rang me this morning. They er. They told me to stay away from Louis, or they'd hurt him." Another tear escaped my eye. "I don't want him hurt. But I think I love him Zoe." I said, now sobbing into my hands. 
"Aw darling. Come here!" She said moving closer and wrapping her arms around me. 
We sat like this for a while until she broke the silence. 
"I think we need pizza, ice cream and movies!" She said excitedly standing up. "You have a shower, clean yourself up okay, I'll go order pizza." She said leaving the room. 
I got into the shower letting the hot water fall onto my tense body. I washed my face and shortly after shutting off the water. 
I got dressed into sweats and a sweater and applied mascara to my lashes and went to the lounge to find Zoe spread across the couch. 
I sat down and swung my legs over hers. Just as I got comfortable there was a loud three knocks at the door.
"That'd be the pizza want to get it?" Zoe said handing my the money. I walked to the window peaked out to see the pizza car and then walked to the door opening it. 

The weak smile panted on my face dropped once I had realised who it was standing in front of me.

"He-" I slammed the door shut. 
"Tully please!" Louis pleaded from the other side of the door.
"Tull what the fuck are you doing? Where's my pizza man?" She asked getting up from the couch and walking towards me. She gabbed my hand and opened the door. 
"Louis.." She said awkwardly. "You work at the pizza place?" She asked confused.
"No when I got here I saw the guy with the pizzas so I paid him and now here I am." He explained. "Look I just really want to talk to Tully." He said, almost asking for permission. 
"Um come in take a seat in the lounge." Zoe said. No what? 
"Zoe!?" I questioned. She looked at my and dragged me into the kitchen. 
"You should explain the situation tell him about the person you called you." She said blankly staring at me. I didn't say anything I just stared back. 
"Please Tull, he's obviously hurting. I would too if someone shut me out with no explanation. He cares about you. Otherwise he would not be here right now. So please Tully." She begged. 
"O-okay." I whispered. I looked down at the ground and walked into the lounge. Louis was sat on the couch he wiped an obvious tear from his face and sniffled before standing up. 
"Tull." He began. "I know you hate me right now. Well I assume you do but let me fix things. I-I love you Tully." He said his eyes burning into my own. 
"Louis, I don't hate you, but you deserve to know what's going on." I said taking a deep breath. "This morning someone called. It was a girl I'm pretty sure. But anyway. She said that I need to stay away from you, because you're 'hers' and that if I don't." I swallowed the lump in my throat. "She will hurt you." I looked at the floor tears falling down my cheeks. 
"Tully." He said stepping forward and cupping my chin  in his hand and lifting my head up. "I would never let anyone get in between us, you mean far to much to me!" He said before his lips met mine. His lips so warm and soft. Our lips in sync before they parted all to soon. 
"I love you Tully. I really do." He whispered our noses touching. 
"I love you too Louis." I whispered back. 

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