Dream Girl

Louis has been having a nightmare. The same one over and over.
What does this mean? Should he ignore it or should he try to find out what and why its happening?
Can Louis help or will it be all to late?


7. I will hurt him

[Tully's POV] 
My phone vibrated the night stand in my room snapping my from my sleep. I looked at my phone, blinding myself with the brightness. 
It was a blocked number but I answered it anyway. 
"Hello." I said in a groggy voice as it was 3am. 
"You need to stay the fuck away from Louis understand me?" A unfamiliar female voice screamed into the phone. "Louis is mine and you need to leave us alone you are ruining everything. 
"I-I er I understand." I said, tears stinging in my eyes. 
"Good, because if you don't I will hurt him, and that's a promise." She simply ended and hung up the phone. 
Tears where now spilling down my cheeks. I really liked Louis like a lot and I just wanted to be happy with him. He made me feel safe, warm, cared for. For once in a while I felt like I had a purpose, But now that was all gone and I couldn't bare to see him hurt so for the better I will end what ever it is 'we' are. 
I checked my phone to see the time was 12.30pm. I unlocked my phone noticing I had a few missed calls and messages. All from Louis. I locked my phone and placed it on the bedside table and slammed my face into the pillow. 
My phone began to vibrate again, I slowly sat up hesitating to answer it and my mind flicked to what she said 'I will hurt him, that's a promise.' frightened that it was her I picked up. 
"H-hello." My voice was shaky.
"Tull? You okay?" Oh no it was Louis what do I say?
"Oh yeah I'm fine." I replied. 
"You sure you don't sound it?" He asked unsure. 
"I'm fine, Okay?" I snapped. He was silent for a second. 
"I was wondering if you wanted to go out? Tonig-" 
"I can't." I cut him off. 
"Sorry. I have to go." I said hanging up.
Tears ran down my face continuously. I took in a deep breath and ex-haled and collapsed back onto my pillow. Movie day in bed? I think so. 

Author's note: My apologies for the short chapter just stuck on what should happen next. Love you guys. xox Please comment any ideas or kik me: Gyp3011 
Would help lots thankyou! :) xx


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