Dream Girl

Louis has been having a nightmare. The same one over and over.
What does this mean? Should he ignore it or should he try to find out what and why its happening?
Can Louis help or will it be all to late?


3. Ed

"S...Sorry. You just look a lot like someone else." 
"Oh okay. You had me worried then." She giggled again. 
What was I meant to do? It was her. She seemed fine. She wasn't crying at all. 
"Could I get you a drink Ed?" I asked. 
"That would be great Louis." She replied smiling. 
We walked over towards the bar, Harry was still sitting their girls surrounding him. I really don't know how he does it. 
"Wow. What a ladies man." She said laughing. 
"Yeah he is. He gets all the girls." 
" You know him?" She asked still looking towards Harry. 
"Yeah, that's Harry Styles. One of my best mates." I answered. 
"Harry Styles.. I've heard of him before. He famous?" She seemed a little confused. 
"Yeah, we are in the band One Direction." She laughed. "You don't believe me do you?" I asked.
"Nope." She smirked. Her phone lit up in her hand, she slide her iPhone open and read the message before looking up at me with a sorry expression. 
"Sorry, Louis. If that's your real name. But you'll have to prove you're a member of One Direction another time. I have to go." She kissed my cheek and began to walk off. 
"Wait!" I grabbed hold of her hand. 
"I really do have to go. I wish I could stay." She said facing me. 
"Can I at least get a name or number?" I asked. Still holding onto her hand.
"Tully Robinson. Bye Louis." She said turning around. I watched as the one girl I've been looking for, for weeks vanished out of my sight. 
"Goodbye" I whispered.


Authors note: Sorry for the short chapter but I'll try to update soon. 
Give me some feedback please! :) 

-Gypsyy. xx

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