Dream Girl

Louis has been having a nightmare. The same one over and over.
What does this mean? Should he ignore it or should he try to find out what and why its happening?
Can Louis help or will it be all to late?


2. Clubbing

The day went by really quick. By 8 o'clock the boys and myself were all dressed ready to go. 
"I think I'm just going to stay home guys. Not really in the mood to go." I said turning around, but I bumped into Zayn who was standing at the door. 
"Louis. You're coming. Get in the car." He said walking me to the car and opening the door for me. I climbed into Harry's black SUV and sat down next to Niall. 
Zayn got in after me and Harry started the car and pulled out of the drive way. 

Harry parked the car and turned it off, he pulled the keys out and turned to me smiling.
"Ready Lou?" He smirked. I just glared and followed the boys as they got out of the car. 
You could hear the muffled music growing louder as we walked towards the entrance. 
"Hey Hazza!" The bouncer at the door yelled over the music as he opened the door. 
"Hey Damon." Harry said walking past and into the loud environment. "Lets have some fun boys!" Harry shouted over the music and headed towards the bar were a group of girls were. I watched as Harry got closer and the girls realized who he was. The girls shrieked and flirtatiously started hanging off Harry, each girl trying to get his attention. Zayn and Liam went and joined all the hot sweaty bodies dancing as they both began moving to the beat like everyone else. 
As for Niall and myself we ordered drinks and went to sit in a booth. 
We sat and talked for a while before Niall went and joined Zayn and Liam the alcohol giving a little more confidence. 
I sat and watched all the bodies moving to the beat of the music. Couples kissing, people flirting, the atmosphere was heated. I got up and headed to the restroom I needed a break from it all I thought. 
Before I turned the corridor to the toilets I noticed a familiar figure standing in the corner, face down concentrated on the phone in hand. 
"Hey." I greeted her. 
"Hello." She replied not looking up from her phone. 
"Well you're exciting." I said sarcastically.
"Yeah. That's me." She said hardly smiling at all.
"Well I'm Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. It's nice to meet you." I said trying my best to get her attention. 
"One Direction?" she giggled. "Well I'm Ed Sheeran." She laughed again. 
"Are you just? Wow Ed, haven't seen you in ages. Might I say you're gorgeous! You look good as a brunette." I said, this time she started laughing and looked up. 
My stomach dropped and I stopped laughing, this could not be possible. Their is no way! Her laughing also stopped. 
"Are you okay?" She asked worried. 
"I... um..." It was her. The girl. The one in my dream. 

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