Dream Girl

Louis has been having a nightmare. The same one over and over.
What does this mean? Should he ignore it or should he try to find out what and why its happening?
Can Louis help or will it be all to late?


4. Barbie Girl

I ordered another drink and sat at the bar. So I had finally met her but I was still so confused. In the dream she seemed so sad so lost, helpless. Seeing her tonight she seemed like a genuine beautiful happy girl.
A firm hand on my shoulder tore me from my thoughts. I looked up to see Liam, his worried brown eyes looking at mine.
"Lou, you're meant to be enjoying yourself, come dance!" He said taking grip of my arm and dragging me into the crowd of sweaty bodies.
Liam tapped a tall young blonde girl on the shoulder, she spun around almost immediately and looked between Liam and I. She almost looked like a barbie doll. Sshe had similar features to one. Long blonde hair, very skinny, fake blotchy tan, long skinny neck and lots of make-up.  
"Hi I'm Liam, have you met Louis?" He asked, smooth Liam, real smooth. Where did you find that pick up line? "Ultimate wing man!" Liam whispered to me as he joined some others dancing.
I danced with the blonde barbie girl for a while. Our bodies close moving in time with the music. Her hands swung around the back of my neck and before I knew what was happening her lips met mine. Her tongue entered my mouth, and ran along everyone of my teeth. I think I was going to be sick. This didn't feel right at all. I pulled away and left her confused and lost in the middle of all the sweaty bodies. I walked out of the club and called a taxi. Once I got home and I text Harry to tell him I was home already. I got changed into some boxers and brushed my teeth before pulling my sheets back and climbing into bed. Almost immediately falling asleep.
She spun around her brown hair flying around and landing on her shoulder in a mess. I grabbed a firm hold of her hand pulling her back. She turned around watery eyes filled with hate and sadness staring deep into mine. She turned around pulling her hand from mine, running off and around the corner. 
My eyes shot open, I was hot sweaty my clothes sticking to my body. I found myself in the familiar environment of my bedroom. 
That dream was different. Different to all the others I had. This time she seemed angry, broken. 
I was so confused, I just don't understand. 
I got out of bed flicking my blanket, that was spread across the floor, up and onto my bed. 
I pulled some clean clothes out from my cupboard and walked to the bathroom. 
Undressing myself I got into the shower turning on the hot water that cascaded down my body.
The steam filling the small white room. 
I flipped open my MacBook and placed it on my lap and turned it on. 
I needed to find out her number and I would do what ever it takes. I felt like I was the one who had to protect her, and that was what I would do. 
I opened up Google search engine and typed in 'Tully Robinson' maybe I could find something on her. 
Clicking on one of the Facebook profiles I found her, and her details were all there I had her phone number. 
"That was easy." I muttered. I quickly entered the number into my phone as a contact. 
"What are you doing Lou?" Harry asked walking into the room. A cheerful smile on his lips. 
"Oh, er. Nothing.. Just on twitter." I said slamming my laptop closed. 
"Oh okay." Harry said. I was such a terrible liar and he knew. With a smirk on his face he left the room. 
Damn I was so bad at lying. I got up and walked to my room dialling her number. 
On the third ring she picked up.
"Hi, Tully speaking." She answered. I was silent for a second. I mean what was I doing? 
"Hi Tully. It's Louis." I replied really unsure in what it was I was trying to say. 
"Oh hey Louis!" She said cheerfully. "How'd you get my number?" Oh no it would be weird if I told her I Facebook stalked her. 
"I um. I told you, I'm part of One Direction I can get anything I want." I replied. 
"Oh right!" She giggled. "You sure you didn't just stalk me?" She laughed. Oh great! 
"Haha no." I awkwardly laughed. 
"Okay. So why would you be calling me Louis?" She asked obviously at an attempt of making the situation less awkward. 
"I was wondering if I could take you out for dinner?" I asked nervously. 
"I'd love to!" She answered. 
"Great I'll pick you up about 7 then?" 
"Sounds good, see you then." We ended the phone call and I collapsed on my bed. That was stressful. I nearly seemed like a total creep just then! 

Author's note: Sorry to the people who are reading but I won't be updating again until I get a few more fans and stuff. Simply because I don't see a point in writing any more if no one is liking it or reading it. Again, sorry but I do love you all. 
-Gypsyy xxx

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