my story


1. little girl and little boy

 Im gonna tell you a story about a little girl. this little girl was the happiest child on the planet, she never lost her smile. but after a while she had lost that smile just like she had lost her hope and love. When she was in her teens the girl never left her huddle of blankets, she believed if she left someone would try and hurt her. So she stayed hidden from the world.
Im gonna tell you a story about a little boy. He grew up with out love and joy, he was beaten and bruised. the  boy was so broken that he never believed in love, he never opened up to anyone. He released his pain by causing more. He was so lost and confused, not quite sure who he was.
One day they met by chance, they fell in love instantly. But it was as easy as it seemed, the girl decided that she was scared that he would leave, so she left before he could. A little over a year later she finally realized how much she loved the boy, but the boys heart was taken. Little did the girl know that the boys heart was always her and that he didn't even care for his new toy. The girl told the boy how she felt but the boy was scared that she might hurt him again, so he lied and told her he never cared. She broke inside and fell back into depression, she would cry and scream for him every night but he never heard. During those nights the boy was leaving marks of blood on his wrist, he longed for her warmth and love.
One night everything changed, she was staying the night at his house like she had many times before. He watched her as she laughed and smiled with her friends and that's when he decided that he didn't care if she hurt him again he wanted her. And that's the night it started. She loses her temper and argues with him, he stays quiet not wanting to lose her again. after a while she looks at him and wants to cry knowing she hurt him, instead she says "i love you" he smile and replies " i love you too". Their story is far from over and will last till the end of time. 
just like my love for you, love bunches, alaina
forever & always (if you didnt guess this i about me and my boyfriend)

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