If Only

Nicole Withers, a 20 year old young woman, is introduced to Brett Ryder, a 21 year old young man who's a complete mystery to her. Nicole's friend Stacy Grace realized that Nicole would need a place to stay while she went to college, and the closest person to Nicole's college was Brett. Brett allows Nicole to move in, but with a few exceptions. She has to take care of the house as if it were hers and hers alone. Brett remains a mystery as his complicated life style has Nicole always guessing.


1. Chapter 1B

Today, I, Nicole Withers, am moving in with a acquaintance of my friend, Stacy Grace. When I first met him, I took note of his brown eyes, messy black hair, tall, muscular yet lanky frame. He most certainly wasn't bad looking at all, in fact, he was extremely attractive, but I decided that I didn't need feeling like that, especially when I need to focus on school so I can finally get my bachelors degree in creative writing.


It took a couple of weeks after meeting Brett for him to allow me to move in with him, but that's completely understandable, considering I'm someone he's never met before in his entire life. Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily trust him either, but I really do need a place to stay while I'm going to school. If I don't feel comfortable around Brett, I'll apologize to Stacy and just figure out something else to do for my school, but until then, I will place all my faith and trust into her and take her word for him being a "pretty cool guy," as she explained him to be.


I looked at myself in the mirror before pulling up my long, brown, wavy hair into a pony tail, put on light make up that complimented my hazel eyes, put on my favorite pair of skinny jeans, and a white, baggy, long sleeved top along with my black and white vans. I picked up the few bags I had before running them to my car and doing so with the rest of the things I packed for the move. I got in my car, set Brett's address into the GPS, and went on my way to my new life.


After an hour and a half I was finally there. I took out a few bags from my car, walked up to the door, and rang the door bell. While I was awaiting Brett, I took a look around at my surroundings. The yard was typical, like most houses you'd see. The grass was a vivid green, there were bushes around the front of the house, and there were two chairs and a small table set on the front porch. The house itself was a gray-blue shade with a dark blue door and had black shingles on the roof. By the time I noted all of this, Brett had already opened the door.


"Hey," he said while leaning on the door frame.


"Hey," I replied taking the moment to not look at house his body moves when he leans like that, "Would you mind helping me carry in my things?"


"Absolutely not. You're the one that's moving here so take in your own damn things," he replied as he began walking away somewhere in the house.


I was bewildered by his response, but I just walked into the house with the bags I already had and tried searching around for my room. I eventually did find it, however, so I began placing down my things, before going back to my car to grab the rest. When I was finished bring my things into my new room, I started to unpack when I started to smell something being cooked. I followed the scent into the kitchen to see Brett cooking chicken with Alfredo sauce. He turned around and asked me if I wanted some.


"Sure, thank you," I responded as the smell intruded my taste buds.


"Grab a plate. It's in the cabinet to your right," he informed me.


Brett had finished cooking and I helped him set up the table before he placed the food down. We ate in silence and he made me extremely confused. One second he seemed like he didn't care for me and just wanted me to stay out of his way, but the next he was having me eat with him. I tried brushing it off and enjoyed my meal.


"You can clean everything up since I cooked for you," he said as he sat up before walking away.


I sighed and started picking up the plates before I brought them to the sink. I don't understand what is going through his mind. Would rather not be in this confusing situation any longer. I can't leave this place though. I need it. It's going a be a long time.




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