Arianna hernandez and her four friends move around the globe dancing but their manegment decides they should settle doen in london instead of staying in their home state california. The 5 teenagers having no idea who they were neighbor's with 5 world famous boys....


5. Conner Jackson


                Hey Im the names conner ,


               Im 18 and single and ready to mingle . I quit highschool like Ari and Derick . Um i can Get pretty hyper sometimes ..... HAHA HELLA RANDOM . Um my favorite color is red . I can get pretty akward sometimes. My hobbies are dancing , Grafitti (idk how to spell lol XD) , surfing , laughing  and eating ... bi : P





A/N hey guys!!!!! this is my first story on here hope you will like it . COMMENT and LIKE for the first the first chapter . BYE LOVELIES!!!!!!! :

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