Arianna hernandez and her four friends move around the globe dancing but their manegment decides they should settle doen in london instead of staying in their home state california. The 5 teenagers having no idea who they were neighbor's with 5 world famous boys....


13. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

" that was the best food I have ever had !" I told Niall " I told you he told me as we were getting out of my car starting to go to out houses " hey umm err I was thinking I could get your number so you could come over errr later for umm a movie night with the boys and I ?" Niall asked " yea  sure " we switched numbers " ok see you later " I told him "ok " he said I gave him a friendly hug and walked to my house as did he  but to his house . I walked in to the house to see my brother and the other guys there " soo what's this movie night I heard of ?" Andrew said " none of your butt wax " I replied walking up the stairs to my room" butt wax?" I heard Jack say I started giggling . I walked into my bathroom and stripped down . I turned on the water and walked in letting the water relax me the that's when I noticed I just got Niall horans frikin number I jumped around in the shower almost falling . Once I finished I walked out and put on this :


I finished changing and put my phone on the speakers that were in my room I blasted on the music I ran over to my balkoney and let the music fill the streets . Then one of my favorite songs came on " the best song ever " I started jumping around doing a back flip on the balckoney . When I finished jumping around I saw the boys of one direction staring . I walked over into my sterio and put the volume down "hey why you come over ?" Niall yelled " sure !" I yelled back. I ran grabbed my phone and ran down stairs " hey guys I'm going over to nialls" i said as walking out the door. I walked over to Nialls house and nocked on the door . " hey " Niall said opening the door I waved " here come on in we're all in the back yard" he grabbed my hand and I felt my cheeks heating up . He lead me outside with the rest of the boys. Liam was sitting at the table and the rest of the boys were.....

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