Arianna hernandez and her four friends move around the globe dancing but their manegment decides they should settle doen in london instead of staying in their home state california. The 5 teenagers having no idea who they were neighbor's with 5 world famous boys....


12. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The boys and I decided to do one of our group dances then two duets and a solo"hey boys you can sit over there " i said pointing to some chairs in the corner of the room " OK so we are going to the"the joker" then Ari and Andrew are going to do "why don't you do right" and Derick and Ari are going to do "bang" and Ari your doing the solo so you choose get it ,got it , good " Andrew told us he has always been more of the mature one in the group but he can be child-ish at times. " places!" Jack said we all got into our places besides me i had to go turn on the music . i ran over to the the stereo and turned on the music then ran back to my place. the music stared and we started to do our dance:


once we finished i ran over to my water to take a quick sip " that was awesome !" i heard zayn yell "tanks!" i yelld back . i saw niall giggle . " ok ari me you"why dont you do right " we went over to our places . " wait !" i heard jack  yell " what " i whinned " i got pixie stix " my eyes shot open and i takled jack to the ground " give me pixi stix " jack gave me about 4 i downed them with no hesitation " ari we need to practice" Andrew  said " alright alright geez dont get your panties in a twist" i replied i walked over to my spot and the music started and we did our dance:


 once we finished elmer and i high fived " next! " i yelled they all started laughing "Derick  places !" i yelled " i want to get tis over with im hungry!" me too!" i heard niall yell i giggled . "music!" Derick yelled " wait why are we yelling?" " i dont know its fun" eric replied . i shruged " ok 5 , 6 ,7 , 8" i said once i finished the count the music started and we  did our dance:



when we finished i looked over to niall and them and they just stood there shocked " wahca tink?" " amazing" they all said at the same time . i walked over to my water to take yet another sip . i looked over and i saw that my boys are getting along with one direction pretty well . i smiled to my self . " ok how about i do my solo and then we  can go out to eat?" all the boys cheered i walked over to my spot and gave a thunbs up to elmer to turn on the music and then once the music started i started my dance:


when i finished i heard clapping i looked over to see every one standing up and clapping i bowed and started giggling ."so who wants to eat?" i asked .every one started cheering "lets have nandos !" niall yelled me and the guys looked over to one directin andb all asked at the same time"nandos?"

a/n heyy sorry its sucky im sick at the moment and i have a bad head ache so please give feed back umm bye luv yas

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