Arianna hernandez and her four friends move around the globe dancing but their manegment decides they should settle doen in london instead of staying in their home state california. The 5 teenagers having no idea who they were neighbor's with 5 world famous boys....


11. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

We walked up to the studio "so how do you like it? " I asked " it's huge! " exclaimed Niall " it big enough for me to do this !" Harry said doing a cartwheel. Niall started laughing and I started giggling . " you know what how about I finish up some choreography for this last song and we can go out to eat huh?" I said they nodded " you guys can sit over there " I pointed to some chairs I moved up here last night . They walked over to the chairs and sat down . I walked over to my sterio and turned on the music then walked to my spot and started my dance:
once I finished I heard clapping I bowed I walked over to my water to get a drink " you coreorgraphed that by your self! " Harry said I nodded still drinking my water " yea I have been wor- " I was cut off by one of the guys yelling " ari practice at 11!" I gasped " we have to get out of here !" I said grabbed Harry's wrist and nialls  hand  I think I saw a bit of blush hmmm oh well . We walked down the stairs and into the closet . I grabbed my key and locked the studio ans into my room. "I have to change for practice umm after practice we can go out to eat maybe before we leave you can invite the other boys?" " uhh sure ill call them right now zayn is going to get excited he is a fan" Harry said I blushed a bit " we'll I have to change I will be out in a seck " I ran to my closet and grabbed my outfit. Went into my bathroom and jumped into the shower . Once I got out I put on this:



I saw Niall just chillin on my bed .once he saw me he looked a bit shocked " ready?" " yea umm Harry and the boys are gonna go in the van ....and I thought I could probably go with you so I could text them the directions ?" " oh yea no prob but the guys don't worry you are going to meet in a little bit are going to go in their car and we could go in mine?" Niall nodded . We walked down stairs and out to the yard were the cars were " mine is that mustang over there and the motorcycle " I pointed to my bike and car he stood there with his mouth in a perfect o shape " you have a motorcycle ?" He asked as we were getting into my convertible " yep " I said popping the "p" . I started the car and off we road I leaned over and turned on the music and grabbed my sun glasses I looked over to Niall to see him nodding his head to the beat I smiled to my self and turned my attention back to the road. Then " I like it like that " came on and I just started singing along to the music . Then Niall joined in we were singing /screaming the song . As soon it was over we started laughing " perfect song to play during the summer  especially in California's passing all the Pom trees beaches it's real  hard to just leave it all behind " I sighed  " we'll you can visit it and ya now " Niall said in his adorable accent "yea but its not the same " " I understand " Niall replied . Then "locked out of heaven " by Bruno mars came on I turned it up and stated singing to it bringing the mood up again " you have a really nice voice " Niall said I blushed " na I don't think so " I replied  he just shook his head " hey shouldn't you be texting the guys the directions "  I asked " oh yea forgot"Niall said I giggled
****skipping the rest of the car ride**** 
we pulled up to the studio to see I'm guessing the boys van and there I see my best friends running around the parking lot" yea Niall see those guys running around the parking lot ?" " yea " " those are my best friends / dance partners " Niall nodded . Parked my car and heard yelling once I got out of the car I was being tackled to the cement "ARIANNAAAA!" All the boys tackled me to the ground .....cement ground ! I groaned I looked up to see Niall and the rest of one direction looking a bit worried . I pushed the guys off me and jumped up . I cleaned of my pants " get up! " I yelled at the boys that were still on the ground " who firkin so smart idea was that?" I asked they all pointed atAndrew and Andrew pointed at the rest of the. Boys . They all stood up I turned around and gave my attention the one direction boys " uhh sorry about that hi I'm Arianna Hernandez nice to meet you " I shook hands with Louis ,Liam , and here comes zayn " hi I'm such a big fan" "uhh thanks I'm a fan of you guys too " I walked up to the big crowd of boys " we'll how about we head on inside? We walked in to see a pretty big studio " oh yea and one direction Andrew my brother, Jack my cousin ,  Conner , and Derick " I pointed at each of the boys and they all shook hands " lets dance."


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